December 4, 2022

Democrats plan to expedite voting rights bill, expedite a confrontation

“Twelve months ago this president said that dissent should not lead to secession,” he said. McConnell said. “But yesterday he demonized the bloody division of the Civil War – the Civil War – with the Americans who disagreed with him.

Democrats Mr. They welcomed Schumer’s maneuvers, saying they would theoretically exclude the debate on the right to vote by putting bills before the Senate, which until now had only been involved in preliminary procedural conflicts.

Senator Richard Blumenthal of the Democratic Party of Connecticut said, “It’s always good to be on the bill.

But Democrats wondered what their strategy would be to bring the law to a final vote, as Republicans are determined to oppose doing so, with less than the 60 votes needed to stop the debate. Many Democrats are calling for the party to use its majority to impose a rule change and reduce that limit to a simple majority.

But while they support the law, at least two Democratic senators, Kirsten Cinema of Arizona and Joe Mancin III of West Virginia, have said they will not join such an effort. Thus the party has less than the required 50 votes and there is no mechanism to send the action for the signature of the President.

Mr. Biden and his fellow Democrats have in recent days intensified efforts to convince the couple that the only way to prevent Republicans from rewriting voting laws at the state level is to change the rules, to the detriment of Democrats. Specific minorities, to vote.

Mr. to personally argue the case in a closed party meeting. In addition to Thursday’s scheduled trip to Biden’s Capitol, White House officials said the president also contacted senators by phone. When it appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday, Mr. Schumacher said the senators were in constant debate with their two Democratic counterparts, trying to persuade them to set aside their reservation.

They say things like, “If the legislature in my state allows me to do this, I will lose my election,” Mr Schumer said. “We will lose our majority, but most importantly, our democracy.”