January 29, 2023

DC-295 Washington DC – NBC4 Pedestrian bridge collapses in Washington

A pedestrian bridge over DC-295 collapsed Wednesday in northeastern Washington DC, injuring at least six people and trapping a truck that leaked a gallon of diesel fuel into drains, officials say.

Four people were taken to hospitals with injuries, and two were assessed by DC Fire and EMS.

Chopper 4 views show the bridge over three lanes of the road. The fencing hangs over three lanes in the opposite direction.

At one end of the bridge, debris, including concrete and metal fencing, piled up on the wheel of a vehicle that appeared to be completely separated from a staircase and platform.

Below a large sign to exit Penning Road, at least two vehicles appear to be under the fallen bridge.

The truck carrying 500 gallons of diesel got stuck under the bridge and started leaking fuel.

A DC Energy and Environment Department spokesman said about 25 gallons of fuel had been dumped in nearby drains and that the hazardous materials team had absorbed too much diesel and put down a substance that would reduce the risk to waterways.

Another vehicle was hit by debris, according to DC Fire and EMS.

Firefighters checked the cars under the collapsed bridge, initially saying no one was trapped. DC Fire and EMS first reported three minor injuries.

The collapsed bridge over DC-295 is located on the west side of Kennelworth Avenue NW near Douglas Street N.E.

The Metropolitan Area Transport Operations Coordination (MATOC) said the collapse halted traffic on the freeway.

After the collapse of the traffic backup on DC-295, it was extended 3 miles to the north and 1.5 miles to the south.

Northbound traffic will be diverted to Nani Helen Burroughs Avenue, while southern traffic will be diverted to East Avenue, MATOC said.

Information on whether the collapse may have been triggered or whether someone was walking on the bridge at the time was not immediately released.

Author’s note: The crash occurred on DC-295, north of Interstate 295.

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