February 7, 2023

Davant Adams: Derek Carr gave it his all, he’s the reason I’m a rider

Getty Images

Raiders wide receiver Davant Adams He was close friends with a quarterback Derek Carr Since the two played together at Fresno State, Adams was eager to play with Carr in Las Vegas. So it’s no surprise that Adams is unhappy with Carr’s seats, and about Carr’s potential departure this offseason.

Adams wrote on Instagram that Carr is the whole reason he wanted the Packers to trade him to the Raiders.

“This man gave it his all. The reason I am Ryder,” Adams wrote. “One of the most disciplined and loving people I know. I got my cool through anything.”

Adams added a middle finger emoji that he said was directed at anyone who “disrespects” him.

This raises the question of whether Adams will return to Las Vegas last season. When the Raiders traded on his behalf and signed him to a lucrative contract extension, there seemed little doubt that they were invested in him for the long haul. But if Adams doesn’t want to be there without Carr, and if the Raiders now view themselves as going in a new direction with a new quarterback, Adams could be on the verge of being traded for the second time in a row.