February 8, 2023

Dan Snyder obstructed sexual harassment investigation, Congress finds

During the congressional hearings, former employees made new claims directly against Snyder. Speaking at a group roundtable, Tiffany Johnston, the team’s former marketing and events coordinator, said that during a work dinner in 2005 or 2006, she sat next to Snyder, who rested her hand on her thigh under the table. Later that night, she resisted Snyder’s attempts to push her toward the limousine.

Melanie Coburn, former cheerleader and marketing director told the group In February, Snyder held a work event at his Aspen, Colo., home for which group executives hired prostitutes.

The Allegations from the February investigation prompted the NFL to launch its second investigation into Snyder and the team. It is chaired by former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman and federal prosecutor Mary Jo White. The league said there was no timetable for White to complete his report.

Several former employees testified to Congress that Snyder did nothing to address the problems when female employees complained of harassment by male colleagues and supported one of the men.

Snyder “recognized a toxic culture among commanders in which sexual misconduct, exploitation of women, bullying of men, and other inappropriate behavior were commonplace, and he was a hands-on owner of nearly every agency he participated in. The decision,” the group wrote in a statement Thursday. “As confirmed by a witness. , Mr. Snyder ‘created a culture where this behavior was accepted and encouraged’.”

The group said the NFL warned Snyder to cooperate with the Wilkinson investigation in August 2020, but the league took no action to prevent Snyder from interviewing former employees. The league, knowing that Snyder was trying to intimidate former employees, was unable to stop him from doing so.