September 28, 2022

Dallas area affected by flash flooding; The videos show an underwater highway


Flash flooding continued through Monday in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, prompting rescue efforts as flooded roads and abandoned cars floated in striking scenes shared on social media.

National Weather Service in Fort Worth extended its flash floods Warning in and around Dallas County The warning remains in effect until 10 a.m. Central Time “Life-threatening flash floods.” Office He said 8 inches of rain fell in the worst-hit area and more rain is expected.

It said the risk of flood damage was “significant”, warning residents not to drive on flooded roads and to move to higher ground immediately. A flash flood warning has also been issued for Fort Worth and Canton, Texas.

Before today’s heavy rain, the Dallas-Fort Worth area was in the midst of a significant drought. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, Dallas County has experienced at least the most severe drought for the past three months.

At one point, Dallas went 100-plus-degree days and 67 days in a row without precipitation, the latest breaking on Aug. 9. Now, in a shocking twist, this August will be Dallas’ wettest. Since 1899, The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantor noted on Twitter.

Extremely dry land, coupled with a rapid rate of rainfall, triggered widespread flooding. Drought hardens topsoil, making it struggle to absorb more rainfall.

While the Dallas area was flooded, parts of north central and northeast Texas were under a flood – A warning level Below is the flood warning – Central Time through noon Monday, including Dallas, Rockwall and Delta counties. The NWS warned of “totals of 2 to 5 inches, with isolated amounts exceeding 8 inches.”

Local news outlets and reporters shared videos of water rescue efforts on a flooded freeway in the Dallas area, with people swimming in murky floodwaters. Vehicles lie on roadsides with alarms sounding.

The NWS warned of the potential for “life-threatening flash flooding of creeks and streams, urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses” throughout the flood watch area, which includes major cities such as Plano and Fort Worth.

The agency had He warned that floods would come “Heavy rain over dry soil” is possible early this week if the flow develops.

Cities across Texas experienced record high temperatures And last month the drought caused a severe rainfall deficit. But the NWS warned that heavy rains in parts of the state through Monday will not bring enough relief.

In its forecast for Monday, NWS predicts There is a 100 percent chance of additional “showers and thunderstorms, mainly before 4 p.m.” throughout the day, and fresh precipitation could add up to 1 inch of water, while “a few storms may produce heavy rain,” it said.

The weather was expected to improve over the weekend, according to the agency, with another chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Matthew Kapucci contributed to this report.