December 5, 2022

D.C. to drop demand for corona virus vaccine to enter businesses

Bowser said masks are still needed in some crowded settings, such as schools, public transportation and emergency shelters. The DC government and health workers and health workers will still be required to vaccinate those workers.

Bowser’s decision to end the decree comes amid mounting economic and political pressure on regional leaders. Loosen infection controls; Other states and cities have relaxed masking rules indoors or in schools over the past week. Bowser, who takes office for the third time this year, has repeatedly said the city will facilitate enactment and control over the course of the virus, while city officials are considering how to balance the security of residents with the desire to return to normalcy. .

District Weekly Magazine Corona virus The case rate per 100,000 residents was about 253 on Friday; When Bowser first announced the need for the vaccine shortly before Christmas, it was 1,300 per 100,000 residents. DC, along with all other states in the country, defines disease control and prevention centers as “high” spread – or the weekly case rate is over 100.

Neighboring jurisdictions also reduce epidemic controls. Gov. Larry Hogan (R) announced Monday that masks will no longer be required in Maryland state buildings from next week. Hogan said the state’s health measurements guarantee a change, with hospital admissions down 78 percent from last month’s peak.

The move follows pressure from school officials last week to drop Hogan’s advocacy classroom mask.

Erin Cox contributed to this report.