September 28, 2022

Cyclone Nanmadol: Millions of people have been advised to evacuate as the storm approaches Japan


About two million people in the southwest Japan The evacuation was ordered ahead of a powerful typhoon forecast to hit the region on Sunday, according to public broadcaster NHK-World Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) warned on Sunday that unprecedented storms and rain could hit Japan’s southwestern island of Kyushu, calling the typhoon “large and very strong”.

“In Kagoshima Prefecture, there is a risk of unprecedented storms, high tides and storm surges,” the JMA wrote, saying it could cause “massive devastation.”

Meteorological officials have issued an emergency warning for Kagoshima prefecture on the island of Kyushu, NHK reported.

Residents of 965,000 homes have been ordered to evacuate the coastal cities of Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Amakusa.

More than 14,000 people in the city of Nishinomote on Kyushu island have been put under a level five alert on Japan’s highest disaster alert scale, NHK reported.

“It will be a record heavy rain and an emergency heavy rain warning will be issued,” Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMA) said.

“High water levels and flooding of rivers, landslide disasters and flooding in low-lying areas require a very high level of awareness.”

Nanmadol is the 14th typhoon Japan has experienced this year and is currently forecast to make landfall in Kyushu on Sunday evening.

Ryuta Kurora, a JMA official, warned that strong winds on Saturday could cause houses to collapse. Corora urged residents to evacuate before the storm hits to avoid the risk of landslides and flooding.

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have already canceled at least 335 flights scheduled to depart or arrive from airports in Japan on Sunday, NHK reported.

“The eye of Cyclone Nanmadol is clearly visible in satellite images. The typhoon has been developing rapidly since Friday night,” NHK reported.

The Kyushu Electric Company reported on Sunday that nearly 60,000 homes were without power across the island.