June 30, 2022

Cyberpunk cat Stray gets a release date on PS5, PS4, and PC

Cyberpunk cat Stray gets a release date on PS5, PS4, and PC

Cats are lovable loafers in nature. They cut things off tables, climb up uneasy ledges, and do it all while looking cute and innocent. and through View play status on ThursdaySony just shared a new trailer for the upcoming game stray Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, you play as a cunning friend in a collapsing cyberpunk world. The game will be released on July 19.

The View play status The trailer shows the cyberpunk setup of the game from a cat’s eye perspective. It’s a scary world for cats – our hero stands along deserted subway trains, scales apartment complexes, and walks through old construction sites, all while avoiding the wrath of rat-like, yet more frightening creatures. Humans are few and far between, as human characters seem to have digital screens of faces.

trailer, Released last year on July 29Indulge yourself in more cat antics. You use your cat’s “skills to solve puzzles and uncover puzzles along the way,” she said. At work, this feels like dropping buckets on window fans, pushing barrels off thresholds to break glass, scratching at vending machines, and making a gentle climbing hill. Since it’s a cyberpunk, the cat meets a tiny drone called a B-12 and wears a rad-looking backpack with a screen on it.

The movement seems to consist mostly of running, jumping and riding these enemies like mice. B-12 comes in handy by giving the cat a way to respond to it. There is also some meow. Which is a good thing, because you’re a cat.

stray Coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.