December 3, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he was "surprised" when Manchester City tried to sign him

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he was “surprised” when Manchester City tried to sign him

The star of Portugal and Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo He revealed that he was close to signing with arch-rivals Manchester City last year, but former coach Sir Alex Ferguson asked him not to. Ronaldo Ferguson said he convinced him to return to United, who had not won a league title since his previous retirement in 2013. Ronaldo returned to United from Juventus, signing a two-year deal. During his first stint with the club, Ronaldo won eight major trophies, including three Premier League titles and one UEFA Champions League victory.

“Well, honestly, it was close…they talked [about] lot and [Manchester City manager Pep] Guardiola said two weeks ago, I think, that they tried very hard to have me. Ronaldo said on piers morgan that censored.

Ronaldo said that Ferguson’s intervention was the reason for his return to the club, adding that he was “surprised” after learning that Manchester City had tried to sign him.

“But you know, as a historian [was] At Manchester United, your heart, your feelings… make the difference. And of course, sir Alex Ferguson. I was surprised…but it was a conscious decision. Because the heart speaks out loud at that moment. I think that was the key. The difference was in that moment, but I can’t be sincere if I were to do that, I wouldn’t say Manchester City wasn’t close.”

Ronaldo further added that he does not regret returning to Manchester United.

“I talked with him [Ferguson]… He told me: “It’s impossible for you to come to Manchester City.” And I say, “Okay, boss.” So I made the decisions and…it was a good decision.”

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