October 1, 2022

‘Crazy’: Panic-stricken petrol pumps keep British military on high alert

  • ‘This is crazy,’ says the driver at the gas station
  • Army tanker drivers will be appointed if required
  • Lorry shortages have affected supply chains
  • The UK claims to be extending some HGV licenses
  • Retailers warn about Christmas delivery

London, September 28 (Reuters) – British drivers expressed disappointment on Tuesday. Hunted for hours Or gas stations in major cities were forced to sit in line to fill their tanks after a trucker shortage dried up and put the army on standby.

Lines of drivers were still lagging behind at petrol stations still in service in major cities, although dozens of forecasts were covered with signs saying they had no petrol or diesel, Reuters reporters said.

The shortage of truck drivers after Brexit has been exacerbated by the cessation of truck-driving-license testing during coveted lockdowns, sowing chaos through supply chains, increasing fears of shortages and increase in price Run up Christmas.

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Commerce Secretary Kwazi Quarteng said a limited number of military tanker drivers were on standby to deliver fuel if needed.

“I can’t believe it — it’s crazy,” said David Skate, a 33-year-old delivery driver who drove for hours in London looking for fuel.

“They keep saying there’s no shortage, but I think everyone is panicking now,” said Skate, who was filling up at the Shell gas station in London.

Drivers fought for fuel at some English gas stations. Doctors said health workers should make it a priority to fill their cars.

The world’s fifth-largest economy has been hit by turbulent winds in recent weeks as a shortage of truckers has shattered supply chains and rising European total natural gas prices have bankrupted energy companies.

On September 27, 2021, refueling vehicles line up at the Shell Gas Station in central London, UK.

Retailers, truckers and logistics companies have warned that prices will rise for everything from energy to Christmas gifts.

Christmas Supply?

British ministers, gas companies and petrol stations say there is an adequate supply of fuel, but the panic strain on trucks with the purchase has drained the system.

This is the severity of the situation that the British Medical Association has called on health workers to gain priority access to fuel to ensure the implementation of the health service. read more

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) says demand for fuel is 50% to 90% dry in some parts of the UK, representing independent fuel sellers who contribute 65% of the 8,380 UK forecasts.

The government on Sunday announced plans to issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers. But some Polish smugglers said the offer was ridiculous and some were likely to take it.

Howlers, gas stations and retailers say the shortage of truck drivers – estimated at about 100,000 – is very severe, and there are no quick fixes as it requires additional training and licensing to carry fuel.

The British Retail Federation (BRC) has urged the government to expand the scope and scope of its plan to attract truckers to keep Christmas items on track.

“We urge the government to rapidly expand this program, which aims to expand the size and scope of HGV drivers in all sectors of the retail business, to avoid disappointing millions of families during the festive season,” said Andrew Oby, Director of Food and Sustainability. PRC, said.

“It will take several months for enough new British drivers to arrive to make up the shortfall,” OP said.

Written by Michael Holden and Guy Falconbridge; Editing by Alistair Bell and Filippa Fletcher

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