October 3, 2022

Cowboys running back Dak Prescott to miss multiple games with hand injury suffered in Week 1 loss to Buccaneers

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The Cowherd warriors The offense fumbled almost entirely in Sunday night’s start vs Buccaneers, even with Dak Prescott at quarterback. But even Prescott couldn’t work with the replacement blockers and receivers on the evening, leaving Dallas with multiple hits to his throwing arm in less than six minutes of a 19-3 rout. Prescott did not return and Cooper Rush finished the game under center, but he will not be available for additional games. The team is owned by Jerry Jones told reporters Then Prescott needed surgery on a broken arm and would miss several weeks.

The QB’s arm made contact with Bucks defenders on several plays in the second half, including one that hit pass rusher Shaq Barrett. He was evaluated by team physician Dan Cooper. Per ProFootballTalk, before leaving for the training room, where he underwent X-rays. Officially, according to Jerry Jones, the injury occurred above the thumb and behind the knuckle of Prescott’s throwing hand.

“I thought it was a jammed finger,” Prescott told reporters after the game, “but I couldn’t catch the ball. … I was told (a) cleaner (break) than it was. . . . Obviously that’s not what you want to hear. It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me. It’s just another bump in the road and I’ll keep moving forward. … Don’t be afraid. It’s a game.”

Prescott is back in Week 1 on Sunday, a year after returning from ankle and shoulder injuries before the 2021 season. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy talked about using Prescott’s legs more in 2022 earlier this season, with the QB finally healthy, but the Pro Bowler couldn’t even establish a passing rhythm against Tampa Bay. Behind a makeshift lineup featuring rookie Tyler Smith at left tackle, he was sacked twice, hit a lot and finished just 14 of 29 throws before his exit.