February 5, 2023

Covit-19 Direct Announcements: Mask Orders, Controls and Vaccines

debt…Gina Moon for The New York Times

No vaccination card?

For diners at New York City restaurants starting this week, no problem.

To mark the occasion, Rocco Sacramon plans to place 300 balloons outside his restaurant Trattoria El Incandro in Astoria, along with Frank Sinatra’s iconic “New York, New York” speakers.

“Spring is in the air, and it could not be the best time for us right now,” he said. Sacramon said: “We’re back!”

Last week, Mayor Eric Adams confirmed As of Monday, hosts in the city’s restaurants, bars and gyms and elsewhere indoors are no longer required to show proof of vaccination against the corona virus, which is part of a major reversal of restrictions that include eliminating the need for masks in public schools.

New Yorkers still have to wear masks In many settings, Including subways and taxis. Masks and vaccines are still needed On Broadway shows Until April 30, individual business owners can pursue what they want. The city’s vaccination orders are in effect for private employers and municipal workers.

“We are open to business, and NYC is back in business,” he said. Adams told Times Square on Friday that the city had declared victory in the battle with the virus. It killed tens of thousands of New Yorkers.

The announcement has caused great consternation and shock.

There are some public health professionals and local authorities Raised concerns Loosening the restrictions is a foregone conclusion and could send the message that Govt is no longer in danger.

“There are a lot of different ideas and sentiments, especially when it comes to Govt orders, to help with the epidemic,” said Andrew Ricky, executive director of the New York City Hospitality Coalition, which represents restaurants and nightclubs. “But most people I’ve heard are relieved.”

The restaurant industry is one that has been hit hard by the epidemic, with many owners being forced to reconsider their businesses in order to survive. Many leaned over delivery, some for the first time. Temporary permits for pet drinks And More outdoor food Helped to get businesses through hard days, and there are efforts to make both permanent.

But the unemployment rate of the city Rose more stubbornly – Mr. that many jobs in restaurants and hospitality have not yet returned. Ricky said.

For many, simply surviving this stage is the reason for the celebration.

“I’m very grateful to be in our community because we are rooted,” said Kalkin Nervilas, who owns Sagio and Uptown Garrison restaurants in Upper Manhattan. “So while it was not enough to say prosper, it was enough to survive.”

For the past two years, Mr. Nervilas looked at restaurants anchored nearby. In the early days of the epidemic he and his staff leaned towards creative solutions and worked hard to make the most temporary host comfortable – even with the use of a hospital-grade air filter. But even so, he said compliance with the amended rules had made businesses harder, and he welcomed the removal of the order.

“We have to undo some damage and it will not happen overnight,” he said. Said Nervilas. “But when are you going to start it?”

For some, the change will be small.

Matthew Chan, owner of Saab Saab, a kosher Chinese restaurant in the vicinity of Manhattan’s Fort George, had to get creative to light the lamps in his business, which relied heavily on Joshia University across the street.

Silver Spring, M.D. And he found Facebook groups searching for people looking for kosher Chinese food in remote communities like Boston. As he spends his days driving orders to customers across the Northeast, the change of order has had less of an impact.

“People think I’m crazy, but I’m still alive and I can help all my family,” he said.