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It is that time of the year again, DJs are all set to make a mark on the white isle. We caught up with Cosmic Gate who are playing at Amnesia with Cream Ibiza on 14th July and 18th August this year. You can get your tickets here –

How has the year been for you so far?

Oh, we thought it was great, we had plenty high quality gigs all around the globe; we are just back from some big shows in Australia and played EDC NYC right after. We recently released our Mix Compilation Wake Your Mind Sessions 2 (WYMS 002) our latest singles “am2pm” and the new remixes from “Exploration of Space” have been performing extremely well, so yeah it was awesome already and we are looking forward to a busy summer ahead and see you guys in Ibiza as well!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

We always say at first you should be in it for the right reasons. If you are in for the fame and champagne, don’t do it, the only reason why you want to be a producer and DJ should be the passion and love you have for club music. Furthermore we think it is important to be unique. Every musician should be known for a certain kind of sound, to run behind trends and copy what others do sure can be successful, but most of the time it will be only pretty much successful for a shorter time frame, simply as styles change and the hype for a certain sound can be over pretty quick. So try to be innovative and define something unique, it’s not easy, but yeah, follow your heart and guts and not the latest trend, work hard, and hopefully one day maybe the trend will find you and not the other way round…

Do you think nowadays with so much crossing of genres DJ’s are experiencing a better sense of freedom in their work, and allowing themselves the opportunity to try new things?

We think this should come without saying for every artist, only to try out new things can bring the scene in general and specially your own project forward, and we think it is very important to be free in your work and your thinking to push boundaries ahead. Freedom to do so is not always a given though unfortunately, it seems some fans these days in the actual so loyal Trance scene are not very open minded when Trance DJs try out something that is a bit out of their box. They want it their way and no other, which makes it hard for some artists to live their full creativity as they want to. In conversations we hear colleagues say they are concerned to produce music that is different, or play certain tracks at their shows, and this is sad, to be considered to play a certain genre should not mean to limit creativity because of the fear to get verbally punished. The anonymity of social media makes this happen though, it’s simply brutal sometimes, and comments about music we have been reading about us or many colleagues after doing something different often are just unbelievable, personal and unreasonable, lack of respect and empathy for the artist and the person behind. This unfortunately is how it is though, we will not be stopped in our creativity and out of the box thinking by such anonym bullying, if we want to do something different we will do it in the future as we did in the past, diversity and change is important to us. Someone not liking our vocal singles, hey, the next club track will follow again soon, or after some more pop ran track the next darker and harder track will follow too, artists should deliver variety, surprise and even polarise, break musical boundaries, so appreciate their diversity. 🙂

You’re back again at Cream Ibiza this year, are you looking forward to it?

Oh yes, we will be back, we had some great shows with you guys at Amnesia last year and expect nothing less in the coming summer, we are really looking forward to see everyone at Amnesia again!

What do you love most about playing at Cream Ibiza?

First of all the gig is always very cool, you are close to the crowd, its always packed, the energy level is high, it’s a very multinational audience that we always enjoy, we meet many fans from all around the world coming to Ibiza, its simply a lot of fun for us DJs. On top to just hang out is great too, to visit and see the colleagues playing on the terrace is always awesome, catch up and have some drinks there, Amnesia is maybe the only club worldwide that has two such different but each in its way very unique main rooms in one venue set up, if you have not been, check it out.

Cream Ibiza 2016

Do you have any favourite beaches or restaurants on the island?

Yes, we certainly do, there is plenty of nice beaches and restaurants to discover, and every year its new restaurants and new hot spots that seem to grow out of nothing. We love going to Ses Salinas, our most favourite beaches are in Formentera though, boating over to this gorgeous place and rent a scooter, explore the island is one of the most fun things and a never to miss thing when we are on Ibiza. Restaurants, there is so many, daytime we like Es Cherenguito in Es Cavallet,  KM5 is great, Sa Capella is a timeless classic on the island, we could go on for ever here. J

When you are away from the decks in Ibiza this summer, what do you hope to experience in Ibiza in terms of being a tourist?

As mentioned before Formentera is a must do, hiking at Atlantis is super cool, renting a boat out is always super fun, and just chill at one of the many beaches, afterwards go and see the sunrise, there is so many things to do, we always wish to have more time actually, Ibiza simply is one of a kind.

If you only had 24 hrs off in Ibiza what is the one thing you would do?

Oh there is so many things popping to our minds and most we have talked about before already, let’s just turn it around, we for sure know one thing, we would not sleep a lot J

How important is Ibiza to the building of a global club brand?

Ibiza still is the one place in Europe the whole global music scene is looking at, where most of the top DJs worldwide play and have their residencies at, so yeah we think it is very important for every club brand to represent their brand in this market, have an own night and represent the sound and feel that you are standing for.

Name three essential items needed to survive your Ibiza trip?

Sunscreen, Advil, and a strong liver…

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced on the island?

Being total sober and walk up the West End in San Antonio, maybe you guys know what we mean…  J

Finish this sentence: Cream Ibiza is…

Going to be a highlight in our summer.

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