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There can be no mistake
Even with this aching heart
Great love needs great faith
To keep it going in the dark
I know you’re afraid
Cause we’re going deeper with every kiss
And got to be brave
Tell me have you even been closer than this

To true love, cause we got a shot tonight
At true love, does it end with the morning light?
Can feel like we’re breaking apart
Cause true love
Is bigger than we are
It’s bigger than we are

We’re flying into deep space
Like shooting stars past all the satellites
Leaving the world’s wake
For beauty brighter than paradise
I know you’re afraid
Cause we’re crossing into the great unknown
And got to be brave
Tell me are you ready to let it all go?

Co-Founder of Trance Hub, Curator of The Gathering events in India and ALT+TRANCE in Czech Republic. By day, a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with love for Food and Technology. By night, a dreamer who wants to grow the Trance scene in India.

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