April 13, 2021

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Corona virus | Joe Biden says the United States will launch vaccinations with other countries this summer NNDC | The world

I hope US President Joe Biden will start sharing his government with other countries on Tuesday, the inventory of its vaccines Once “before the end of summer” (June-September), make sure you have enough to vaccinate your entire population.

“My hope is that by the end of the summer, we’ve already got more vaccines than we need to take care of every American, and we’m helping other countries, poor countries.”, He said Biden During an event at the White House.

The president promised to share America’s surplus with other countries “Until this vaccine is available worldwide and we hit other countries, we will not be completely sure.”.

The White House has already reached agreements with Mexico and Canada to send a total of 4 million doses of astrogenic vaccine to the University of Oxford, the emergency use of which has not yet been approved in the United States.

However, it has not yet publicly responded to the demands of many countries, which have more or less developed, asking for access to their surplus, as the United States has purchased more than enough of all its adult population to be vaccinated. .

Accumulation of sizes by United States And other rich countries have raised concerns among some experts that this could have an impact on the ability of other countries with limited resources to obtain adequate vaccines in the short term, which could increase the risk of viral mutations.

The White House hopes that by the end of May there will be enough to vaccinate all adult Americans, but has insisted that it be prepared for unforeseen events such as production problems.

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In addition, the government Biden They should be given if necessary to strengthen the immunity of those who have already been vaccinated, or if injectable drugs that can be used in the kidneys of children have proven to be effective and safe.

Administrator Biden Kovacs has donated $ 2 billion to the site for the development and equitable distribution of vaccines, and plans to donate another $ 2 billion by 2022.

During his performance at the White House, Biden He also promised that he would not talk to his Chinese envoy, Xi Jinping, about China’s potential responsibility for spreading the epidemic by covering up part of information about the severity of his country’s situation.

“No, I did not have that conversation with President Xi.”, Biden pointed out only when asked by a journalist.