February 5, 2023

Connor McGregor frustrated, says Fourier’s UFC 264 victory ‘illegal’

Connor McGregor He hopes things will turn around Dustin Fourier If he does not break the leg.

Macrigor (22-6 MMA, 10-4 UFC) Broke his cattle And the Fibula in the final seconds of Round 1 of his trilogy match against the Borys at UFC 264 on Saturday. After the end of the opening act the fight was stirred and there was frying Winner announced by TKO Due to the doctor’s stop.

In one round back and forth, McGregor came out lined up with spiral attacks and low kicks. But after jumping for guillotine suffocation while defending the relegation, McGregor found himself sucking a punch, which changed the pace of the fight. As the Fourier allowed him to retreat, McGregor threw a kick blocked by Boer’s elbow, followed by a missed punch, in which he broke his leg as he landed.

If it is not for injury, McGregor thinks Fourier (28-6 MMA, 20-5 UFC) would have been in trouble in Round 2.

“What’s Up Fight Fans – Here ‘The Notorious’. Out of the operating room. Everything went to plan. Everything is fine. I feel wonderful. We’ve got six weeks on a crutch now and then we’re starting to rebuild. Thanks to all the fans around the world for your support messages. I would like to inform you, I hope you all enjoyed the show.I would like to thank all the fans who attended the T-Mobile Arena – 21,800 fans attended.The place was completely electric.It was hell of a first round.It would have been nice to see what happens after that second round This is the nature of business – it’s the clean space of the cattle, it should not be. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. We dust ourselves off, we rebuild ourselves, coming back better than ever. Let’s get to the team. ”

Macrigor a Successful three-hour surgery He broke his leg Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The surgery was performed by Dr. L. Atrach and Dr. Milton Little, according to the Macrigor agent. An intramedullary wire was inserted into his tibia, and a small plate was inserted to fix the fibula. McGregor expects a six-week deadline to recover and is ready to run things again Fry for the fourth time – An idea that appears in both Dana White and Fourier On board With.

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