January 29, 2023

Commander-in-Chief, Major Out: White House pet shake-up after bite incidents | Joe Biden

President Joe Biden On Monday the new member of her family, the Commander, introduced the pure German Shepherd puppy, while the first female office promised a year ago that the cat would finally join them in January.

But the news was not so good for another member of the Biden animal family. The family decided it was best to live in a quiet environment with friends after some other biting incidents by their other German pastor, Major.

Biden shared a photo of a three-month-old male puppy on his official Twitter account: “Welcome to the White House, Commander.” He also released a brief video of him throwing a ball to the commander and running the dog that was stabbed inside the White House.

According to Commander Jill Biden’s spokesman Michael Larosa, the commander was born Sept. 1 and arrived at the White House on Monday afternoon, a gift from the president’s brother James Biden and brother – in – law Sarah Biden.

Champion, Right and Major. Photo: Mandel Only / AP

His name appears in the play about Biden’s status as commander of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Shortly after Biden won the November 2020 presidential election, the first lady said they would get the cat. Larosa said the cat will join the family in January.

Fidens had two other German shepherds – Champ and Major – with them in front of the commander at the White House.

But the Major, a three-year-old rescue dog, ended up at home with the dog following two bite incidents in the months leading up to last January. He Delaware sent home for training Before he returned to the White House. White House officials described the Major’s aggressive behavior as saying he was still getting used to his new environment.

But he was sent back. Now, it seems official that he will be permanently expelled from the Executive House.

“After consultation with dog practitioners, veterinarians and veterinarians, the first family decided to follow the joint recommendation of experts that it is safe to live in a quiet environment with major family friends,” Larosa said in an email statement. “This is not a reaction to any new or specific incident, but a decision made after several months of consultation with the family and consultation with experts.”

Champ died in June at the age of 13.

CNN first reported the commander’s arrival on Monday after watching him wander around the White House’s south lawn.