December 6, 2022

Colin Morikawa topped the US Open Leaderboard with a score of 4 under 66; Joel equalized with Dahman after 2 rounds

Brooklyn, Mass – each Colin Morikawa And one of a major success in his backward years Joel DahmenHe would have been thrilled to even play in one four years ago.

John Rahm The current US Open champion, came out of a one-shot presence. He will play at The Country Club over the weekend Hayden BuckleyEducated while playing in Missouri, he thought he should look for a job after college.

Of the dozen players separated by two shots over the weekend, four are in the top three and the top seven in the world rankings: Masters Champion Scotty SchefflerRahm, Rory McIlroy And Morikawa.

“I think it’s great for the game of golf to have the highest ranking players and the best players, especially in a match where the really best player wins,” Rahm said.

It includes two PGA Tour rookies and two players who did not win the tour.

In fact, there is something for everyone at this US Open. And not only that Bill MickelsonCut failed in eight shots.

Morikawa was looking for something in his game and got “Baby Draw” to replace his traditional blur, which has been working beautifully in Brooklyn. He had the lowest score of Friday’s championship with a score of less than 4 at the age of 66, a cancer survivor and leading the golf legend with Everyman.

Rahm did everything he could to keep pace with an array of eagle and large bar boots that felt valuable. Rahm scored 67 and was one shot behind in the five-man team. In it McIlroy won the Canadian Open, where he advanced to the ninth with three birdies for 69 in his last four overs.

Scheffler, the No. 1 player in the world, was chipped for the eagle that brought Texan back into the mix with a 67 from the thick puddle of Bar-14 14th green. He was two shots behind. .

Morikawa, Rahm and Scheffler have won four of the last nine majors. Then there’s McIlroy, who has four majors, but none since 2014.

“This is the US Open. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution,” said Morocco. “The last few days have given me a lot of confidence this weekend, and I hope we can break up somehow.”

The idea of ​​the US Open is to identify the best players. Some of them need some introductions to the main championship match over the weekend.

Start with Dahman, even if he takes his game seriously, he will not be accused of taking himself too seriously. He thought about leaving the 36-hole qualifying round last week, both before it started and after the first round.

But he overcame it, with 68 runs on Friday, playing in a senior final for the first time. He joined Morikawa at 135 under 5.

“We won’t rest until 3:45 tomorrow. I usually have to be home by 5 for dinner,” Dahmen said. “So it’s going to be different, of course.”

Buckley, who was not at the US Open until late 20-foot Birdie Pudding in the playoffs for last place in his qualifying round 11 days ago, was one shot behind the team.

When he got back on track, he was disappearing with three bogies, like many others, during the length of the five holes around the turn. The birds gave him another 68 in the last two holes.

136 was also Aaron Wise, Nothing better than winning a PGA Tour and finishing 17th in his previous nine majors; And Beau HosslerHe made his weekend appearance at the Olympic Club as a teenage amateur in 2012, but has not been heard of in the majors since then.

They are examples of the fact that the US Open is open to all and not just a qualifying test in golf.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.