January 30, 2023

Coach Terry Bradshaw

Coach Terry Bradshaw

The royal family announced a number of changes to the coaching staff on Monday, most notably the dismissal of coach Terry Bradshaw. The Senior Director of Player Development and Hitting Performance, Alec Zumwalt, will oversee the team’s hitters and serve as a uniformed member of the team’s big league coaching staff. Special Assignment Coach Mike Tosar is also joining the coaching staff of the Big League. Hitting assistant coach Keonie Deren will remain on the staff and maintain the same title.

It’s been a rough season for the Kansas City squad as a whole. Hitting only .224/.289/.336 as a collegiate unit, Royals hitters rank among the game’s bottom five teams in runs scored, Homers, hitting average, base percentage, slowdown percentage and wRC+. The Kansas City hitters have the lowest strike rate in the game (19.2%), but this has not translated into offensive production and the club’s 7.8% walk rate is the fourth-lowest mark in Major League Baseball.

“The game of baseball is constantly changing and we must continue to self-evaluate to ensure that we provide our players with everything they need to succeed at the highest levels of baseball,” Royals General Manager JJ Picollo said in a statement announcing the move. “Our results so far have not matched what we are capable of, and we all share the accountability for that. We look forward to helping Alec, Keone and Mike deliver the best possible operations for our players.”

Certainly, as Piccolo hinted, the blame for the team’s offensive struggles isn’t Bradshaw alone. The Royals were ranked 24th in the major competitions recorded last year and 25th in wRC+, yet the team did nothing to deal with the squad over the winter. Instead, hope was that higher possibility Bobby Wait son – and in the end, Nick Prato And MG Melendez – that would have injected some life into what was a fairly unapologetic lineup. Kansas City was also hoping to get it Adalberto Mondesi Hunter Dozer And Carlos Santana.

Witt’s racket came alive after a slow start, and Dozier is already in the middle of what looks like a clear bounce on the board. However, Mondesi will miss the year following his ACL rupture. Santana was less productive in 2022 than he was in 2021. Meanwhile, Prato and Melendez have been sent to Triple-A to start the season. Since then, Melendez has made his Major League Soccer debut but has made 27 appearances. Prato was hitting .253/.320/.483 in Triple-A before dropping into his current 20-board stretch without injuries.

Zumwalt, despite working in the organization’s minor league system, already has a strong relationship with many of the Royal Family’s up-and-coming hitters. He’s been with the Royal Family for nine seasons, originally coming on board as a scout before moving into an advanced exploration role for five years. Zumwalt was the team’s director of baseball operations and player development from 2018-2019. He was in the first season of his current role, which he will now turn on again. It represents the ongoing reform of the striking infrastructure that Zumwalt has been a key figure, as Dated by Athletic player Alec Lewis last summer.