December 10, 2022

Coach Taylor Jenkins has announced that Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is likely to miss the 4th game.

SAN FRANCISCO – Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant Head coach Taylor Jenkins said Sunday that he will miss the 4th game on Monday due to a knee injury.

“He’s going to be further evaluated,” Jenkins said Sunday. “But from what I’ve been told, there is a good chance he will not play tomorrow.”

Chris Lees did not immediately describe the exact nature of Morant’s knee injury. But ChrisLice believes it was caused by a play Jordan Pool In the fourth quarter of Game 3 he caught Morant’s knee while going to basketball in a trap near the half court.

A source told ESPN that the NBA would not take any disciplinary action against the pool. Jenkins said Memphis executive vice president / general manager of basketball operations Zack Kleeman was in contact with the play-related league.

When asked what he thinks of the play after further review, Jenkins said, “I’m trying to be honest here.” “This is what Jaa says after reviewing the play by our medical team. Jaa played well, feels good all over the game, and the knee injury was the only thing that triggered the possible injury and that’s why we took Jaa out of the game.

“The play that sparked this has basically changed nothing from there.”

Morant left the Chase Center Saturday night without speaking to reporters. But he initially tweeted that he had “broken the code” and then deleted that tweet, along with a video of Pule Morant’s knee-jerk reaction in the fourth quarter.

Following Memphis’s 142-112 defeat, Morant can be seen staggering towards the team bus.

Poole said he did not deliberately try to hurt Morant. He and Andrew Wiggins Morant was caught near the half court before knocking out Wiggins 6:55. Morant left at 6:19 and the Warriors rose to 17, then returned to the locker room with a slump.

“It was a basketball game when we doubled him,” Poole said Saturday. “I hit the ball, I went for the ball. I mean, frankly, you don’t want to see anyone get hurt. I’m not that kind of player. I respect everyone.”

Chris Lies went 20-5 without Morant this season, missing nine straight games in March and April due to right knee pain in the regular season.

“Javin’s spirit is good,” said the point guard Deuce Jones, Who will start if Morant can’t play. “Apparently he’s frustrated. At any moment if you are injured or hit, you are frustrated. [But] His spirit is good. He is still openly healing everything and trying to come out better, trying to compete and fight with us.

Jones added that although he thought the play involving the pool was “interesting play” he did not think it was an attempt to hurt anyone on the floor.

“I don’t think Poole or anyone else is a dirty player in this series,” Jones said. “But it’s an interesting play. That’s all I can say about it. It’s not a normal play that happens normally, but I do not think he’s trying to hurt 12 people in any way.”

There will be chrysalis Dillon Brooks After a game was suspended on Wing Game 3 in the opening minutes of Game 2, he returned to Game 4. Gary Baton II Elbow fracture. Outraged Steve Kerr said Brooks had “broken the code” for that blatant mistake in which he hit Baton on the head while the Warriors point card was in the air.

Now that Chris Lies are trailing 2-1, they may be without their star point guard in Game 4.

“When he was in court, you saw how dominant he was and how much we relied on him.” Xavier Tillman Said. “Then, when he’s not in court, you have to show him now that ‘we got you’. Obviously this is an unfortunate situation, but now that we have your support, we’re going to stop it until you’re ready to go.”