February 8, 2023

CNN team saw Pucha removing bodies from basement

Bodies found in the city of Pucha were collected for burial on Monday. (Metin Aktas / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images)

Ukrainian authorities told the international media that five bodies had been removed from the basement புச்சாA suburb of Kiev recently recaptured by Ukrainian forces.

A CNN team went to the basement and looked before removing the bodies. They were in an advanced stage of decay.

Five were tortured and hanged by Russian soldiers, an adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Zherashchenko told CNN on the ground. CNN cannot independently verify Xeroshchenko’s claims.

The men were found in an area held by the Russian military until a few days ago. Many foxholes, trenches and levels for armored vehicles were still found around the site, as were the rest of the Russian food. Many “V” letters – informal symbols of the Russian military campaign – were drawn at the entrance to the territory.

The hands of the deceased were tied behind their backs, most of them with multiple gunshot wounds not only to the head but also to the lower limbs. Next to the bodies were several cartridges on the ground.

Volunteers removed the bodies and placed them in body bags, which were then taken away.

A volunteer told CNN they were recovering large numbers of bodies, “it’s hundreds, not dozens.” The volunteer and his team showed CNN the body bags of at least 30 people who were rescued Sunday, and an additional nine on Monday, including five who were found in the basement.

That unit is one of several units operating in the suburbs of Kiev.