December 4, 2022

Cleaning boats at the Great Gulf Oil Spill Scene following Idaho

The U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday that cleaning crews were responding to significant Oil spill As follows in the Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Ida.

A sea drill lease two miles (three kilometers) south of Port Forton, Louisiana, appears to be leaking from an underwater source. The reported location is close to a mile-long brown and black oil spill Aerial photos were first published Wednesday by the Associated Press.

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So far, the growing leak seems to have been offshore and has not affected the Louisiana coast. There is no estimate yet of how much oil was in the water, but recent satellite images reviewed by the AP on Saturday showed it moving thinly over a dozen miles (more than 19 kilometers) off the Gulf Coast.

Coast Guard spokesman Lt. John Edwards said the response teams were monitoring reports and satellite images to determine the extent of the evacuation. The source of the pollution is located in Bay Marsant, Block 4, it is believed, he said crude oil From a submarine pipeline owned by Talos Energy.

Houston-based energy company spokesman Brian L. Grove said the company believes it is not responsible for the oil in the water, but has hired Clean Gulf associates to respond to the leak.

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Klein Gulf Associates, a nonprofit oil-leak response cooperative that works with the energy research and manufacturing industry, responded to the show on Wednesday. Its workers have put a restraining order on the area to reduce the spread of oil. The company’s ships operate skimmers that can remove oil from the water, although the Coast Guard said only 42 gallons (about 160 liters) have been removed so far.

A satellite image provided by Maxer Technologies shows an oil slick south of Port Forton on September 2, 2021. The U.S. Coast Guard said on Saturday, Sept. 4, that the refinery crew was responding to a significant oil spill. The Gulf of Mexico continues (Maxer Technologies via AB) / AB Newsroom

Talos is investigating the cause of the leak, but in a statement issued by Grove, Field’s observations indicate that the company’s assets are not the source. Talos had previously leased Bay Merchant, Block 5, but stopped production there in 2017, sealed off its wells and removed all pipeline infrastructure by 2019.

Talos said two 95-foot (29-meter) response ships were dispatched to the scene to conduct oil recovery operations. A lift boat fitted for conducting dive operations has also been assembled and is expected to arrive on Saturday. The Coast Guard said the company said Sunday Divers would go down to find the cause of the leak.

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“Dallas will continue to work closely with the U.S. Coast Guard and other state and federal agencies to identify the source of the release and coordinate a successful response,” the company said in a statement. “The company’s top priorities are the safety of all employees and the safety of the public and the environment.”

Photos captured by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration aircraft on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 and reviewed by the Associated Press, marked a mile-long black thin float in the Gulf of Mexico marked Enterprise Off near a large rig (NOAA via AB) / AB Newsroom

Bay Merchant Leak, Dozens of Reported Environmental Risks State and federal regulators are responding following Typhoon 4, which caused landslides in Louisiana and the Gulf of Port Forces on Sunday. The region is a major manufacturing hub for the American petrochemical industry.

The AP first reported Wednesday on images from the National Atmospheric and Ocean Survey showing extensive flooding and the appearance of petroleum in water at the Phillips 66 Alliance refinery, located across the Mississippi River south of New Orleans.

After AP Posted photos, The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday commissioned a specially equipped survey aircraft to fly over the refinery, as well as other industrial sites that were severely affected by the hurricane’s 150-mile (240-km) winds and storm surges.

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The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality said a state assessment team sent to the Alliance refinery noticed a heavy oil spill with booms and suction pads. A ground set up to protect the plant was broken, allowing floodwaters to enter during the storm, and then receding.

State environmental officials said an estimate of how much oil had leaked from the refinery was not yet available.