December 6, 2022

Cincinnati Score vs. Notre Dame: Live Game Updates, College Football Scores, NCAA Top 25 Highlights

No. 9 Notre Dame continues its high-start to the 2021 college football season, hosting No. 7 Cincinnati in the Top-10. Fighting Irish 4-0 are all competitive because new quarterback Jack Cohn continues to solve the offense, while defense is improving under new coordinator Marcus Freeman. In fact, Freeman joined Notre Dame from Cincinnati, where his Beargates defense was one of the toughest in the country and was impressive as coach Luke Fickel aimed for another unbeaten regular season.

For Cincinnati, this is the biggest game of the season and the biggest in program history, signaling the best chance of not beating a college football playoff argument. Cincinnati went down the road and beat Indiana in the 3rd week, so the even tougher challenge for the CFP selectors to repeat this feat not only against the Power Five opponent but also against the top 10 is where the five-man team fits. Ranking.

Freeman will not be reuniting with his former teammate as Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly led Cincinnati to 33-5 records with orange bowl and sugar bowl appearances during his time with the Piercates. With all of these storylines colliding, Saturday promises to be a season-changing afternoon for both of these shows. CBS Sports will be with you the whole way to update this story with the latest news from Cincinnati at Notre Dame. Lock it up here for live score updates, analysis and highlights.