December 7, 2022

Christian Bale Reveals What 'Star Wars' Role He'd Like in Disney Franchise - Deadline

Christian Bale Reveals What ‘Star Wars’ Role He’d Like in Disney Franchise – Deadline

Christian Bell He made new fans with his latest appearance as Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunderbut there is one role in another franchise he will enjoy – to please the child in it.

a star The Dark Knight Trilogy and Oscar winner (for the fighter in 2011) said The Hollywood Reporter He can be persuaded to join star Wars The franchise – but only to continue the work of the famous but unidentified stormtrooper who banged his head against a door frame in the backdrop of a new hope.

Bill said, “Everything I’ve ever wanted star wars was to be in star wars outfit and hitting my head on a door or something as I walk through it.

The real geeks who watched star wars I’ve often always known about that scene where a Stormtrooper hits his head on the door as he enters. I wanted to be who – which guy. This was him.

“But look, if I was lucky enough to be more than that, man, yeah. What a joy that would be. I still got the numbers when I was little. I also know Kathy Kennedy very well because she was working with Spielberg when she did that.” sun empireAnd now, you run star Wars Universe.”

Fans have been speculating for years about the identity of the helmet-knocking storm captain, with 2019 Fan Documentary So it is dedicated to the pursuit of the identity of the additional person.