December 7, 2022

Chris Wallace has announced that he will be leaving Fox News to join CNN +

Wallace made the shocking announcement of his exit at the end of “Fox News Sunday”, his main weekly political program, which he has been neutralizing since 2003.

“This is the last time, I say this with great sadness. We will meet like this,” Wallace said. He described his time at Fox as “the best ride” and said he was “ready for a new adventure”.

The adventure will take place on CNN, where Wallace will become the host of CNN +, a streaming service launched in early 2022. According to CNN, Wallace will host a week-long program that will include interviews with news producers “across politics, business, sports and culture.” . “

“I’m pleased to join CNN +,” Wallace said in a statement. “After decades of broadcasting and cable news, I enjoy exploring the world of streaming. I look forward to new freedom and flexibility in interviewing key people in the news landscape.

CNN Global President Jeff Zucker said Wallace’s appointment “speaks volumes about our commitment to journalism and CNN +, and we are delighted to help Chris create the next generation of CNN and news.”

Wallace, 74, had several options when his four-year Fox contract neared its end point earlier this year. According to a person familiar with the matter, Wallace eventually decided he did not want to update with Fox.

Several Fox employees praised Wallace on Sunday and said they were disappointed by the news.

“It’s sad to see Chris go – he got an amazing run on ‘Fox News Sunday’,” Chief Political Editor Brett Bayer wrote on Twitter.

Fox said it would rotate the hosts on “Fox News Sunday” until a permanent evaluator is named.

Wallace is known for questioning his tough, but fair, Democratic and Republican politicians. His reputation for roasting members of both parties made him well-respected in press circles, but Fox News, which showed great loyalty to former President Donald Trump, often annoyed viewers. That is especially true when Wallace calls Trump directly, including when he says the former president “engaged in the most direct, protracted attack on the independent press in our history.”

In recent years, Fox News has transformed itself into a pro-hyper-right-wing talk network that always leans to the right and continues to present conspiracy theories on a variety of topics. Even the so-called “straight messages” of the network have been abandoned by many impartial pretensions.

Tucker Carlson, the network’s top presenter, has drawn extraordinary criticism for producing a special report that presents the misconception that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was a “false flag” planned by the federal government. Carlson also abducted on anti-vaccine rhetoric and in his show put forward the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory.

Wallace, who was found to frequently reject some of the lies put forward by his own network, is said to have opposed the content of Carlson’s plot. NPR said he had Network Brass objected to the plan, Which also led to the resignation of two longtime Fox News commentators.
One of those commentators, Jonah Goldberg, responded to Wallace’s message Tweet It said “aha”.
Others, Stephen Hayes, Wrote Wallace received an incredible run and “is a great example of how to make news in turbulent and often distracting times – and how to do it better.”