February 2, 2023

China missile crash map

China missile crash map

CLEVELAND (WJW) – It is not known exactly when and where to file Chinese booster missile heading to Earth It will crash on Saturday, so a local astronomer Offer some ideas about the chances of this Ohio on its way.

Astronomer Jay Reynolds says that while the million-dollar question is where it will land, it will almost certainly cause some damage.

“There is no doubt that a significant amount of the original backer will survive re-entry,” Reynolds told FOX 8.

Although damage is inevitable, he says, fortunately, it’s headed toward “a lot of uninhabited areas.”

(credit: space)

He says the likely time window you’ll enter will be after 2 p.m. EST and away from our region of the planet.

“Northeast Ohio is completely safe. We are too far north to be in the danger zone.” “Europe and much of North Africa seems likely to be safe.”

experts with Aerospace Corporation They say the 23-ton booster won’t completely burn up in Earth’s atmosphere and they predict 20-40 percent of the debris will hit Earth.

For the latest updates on the rocket’s re-entry and landing, check Aerospace Corporation Website, which is updated regularly.