January 28, 2023

China catches massive COVID wave with full emergency wards and overcrowded crematoria: ‘Many are dying’

China’s current war a Covid outbreak It has completely degraded the country’s health infrastructure, especially in Hebei province.

Hospitals in Pading and Longfang were forced to turn away ambulances and patients seeking treatment, while health administrators treated patients on benches or on the floor in high-capacity intensive care units, officials said.

“I don’t have much hope,” said Yao Ruyan, the elderly mother-in-law urgently needed Medical care She was infected with corona virus. However, Yao was unable to find a hospital with room to treat her, the Associated Press reported.

“They say there are no beds here,” he told AP reporters outside a flu clinic in China’s Hebei province.

China to face more than 1 million Covid deaths by 2023, new model predicts

Yao and her husband said they encountered the same response at every hospital: There was no room for another patient. After the family drove to Zhuozhou Hospital, an hour’s drive from Yao’s hometown, the answer was the same.

“I’m angry,” a tearful Yao added. “We were out for a long time and I was scared because she was having trouble breathing.”

And the problem is more than that.

Baoding No. in Zhuozhou. 2 An ICU in the hospital was overcrowded Medical staff He advised the people wheeling the patient from the arriving ambulance to look elsewhere.

“There is no oxygen or electricity in this corridor!” The worker shouted, according to an Associated Press report. “If you can’t even give oxygen, how can you save?”

China only counts Covid-19 deaths due to respiratory disease

“If you don’t want any delays, turn around and leave quickly!” The worker added.

Firefighters in the region echoed similar complaints.

China is speeding up cremation operations as Covid-19 cases rise again

At the Zhuozhou crematorium, furnaces are burning around the clock as workers struggle to keep up with rising deaths, an employee told The Associated Press.

A funeral shop worker estimates they are cremating 20 to 30 bodies a day, which was three or four days ago. Chinese government On December 7, Covid-related restrictions were dramatically eased.

“So many people are dying,” said Zhao Yongsheng, a funeral director. “They work day and night, but they cannot burn it all.”

On Thursday, December 22, 2022, Longfang No. in Bazhou City, North China’s Hebei Province. 4 An ambulance prepares to transfer a patient in intensive care to other hospitals due to overcapacity in the emergency department of People’s Hospital.
(AP Photo)

Funeral homes in the Chinese capital were also packed, with some having to travel hours to find someone available to cremate their dead.

“They said we have to wait 10 days,” said one resident, identified only by the surname Liang.

China’s Covid-19 surge: Leaders plot economic recovery as policies rolled back after protests

The Chinese government has reported only seven COVID-19 deaths since easing restrictions on Dec. 7, but no solution to provide quick and adequate care, China predicts. Battle with Covid Looks cruel.

China’s officially reported death toll from COVID since the global outbreak began in the final months of 2019 is just 5,241. For context, the official death toll in the US is over 1.1 million.

Longfang no.  A man pulls a cloth to cover the elderly woman's face as emotional relatives gather silently around her for a final farewell before her body is taken to the emergency department of 4 People's Hospital.  North China's Hebei Province on Thursday, December 22, 2022.

Longfang no. A man pulls a cloth to cover the elderly woman’s face as emotional relatives gather silently around her for a final farewell before her body is taken to the emergency department of 4 People’s Hospital. North China’s Hebei Province on Thursday, December 22, 2022.
(AP Photo)

Modeling suggests that large numbers of people will continue to become infected and die in Beijing and other parts of China.

Experts predict that China will experience between one million and two million deaths in the next year. World Health Organization Beijing’s method of counting Covid-caused deaths has allowed the country to “underestimate the true death toll,” he said.

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A Chinese health official said on Tuesday that it only counts deaths from pneumonia or respiratory illness in its official COVID death toll, ignoring deaths from COVID BS, which are counted by countries that use a broader definition.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.