January 29, 2023

Chicago Pierce LP Cassius Marsh claims refrol ‘hip test’ before being hit by a mock penalty

Pittsburgh – Pierce Linebacker Cassius Marsh Official Tony Corunde accused Corunde of “checking his hips” just minutes before he was flagged off for mocking Marsh in the fourth quarter after Chicago lost 29-27 to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night.

“On the way to the sideline, I was hip-checked by the referral. This is very clear,” Marsh said after the game. “If I do that to a referee or touch a referee, we could be kicked out of the game, suspended and fined. I think that’s incredibly inappropriate.”

The connection came after Marsh Steelers removed the quarterback Ben Rothlisberger For a 7-yard defeat in the third and 8th and Marsh did a spinning jump kick to celebrate – the linebacker’s usual celebratory move.

Marsh then took several steps before making contact with Correndo on his way back to the side of Chicago towards the Steelers bench. Corrende reached his flag and fined the Bears 15 yards to extend Pittsburgh’s movement. The Steelers finally kicked a field goal after they were given new life due to a penalty.

“I think it was a bad time. Everyone who saw it clearly knew I was not kidding,” Marsh said. “I’ve been celebrating my whole life. It’s sad that things like this happen in an intimate game like this.”

For his part, Correndo said contact with Marsh played no part in the penalty.

“First, remember that teasing is important this year,” Coronde said in a pool statement. “After saying this, the player, after he had played a big play, ran towards the bench area of ​​the Pittsburgh Steelers and I saw the pose in the way I felt he was making fun of them.

“I do not judge [the contact] Anything I handled. That has nothing to do with it. That fact must be taken into account. “

Bears were fined 12 times for 115 yards at a loss.