February 2, 2023

Chicago Bears Stephen Jenkins is back in training, denies clashing with coaches

Chicago Bears Stephen Jenkins is back in training, denies clashing with coaches

Lake Forest, Illinois – The Chicago Bears enter offensively tiffin jenkins He returned to training camp on Saturday after missing seven consecutive exercises with an undisclosed injury.

Jenkins, who is in a period of ramping up, has only participated in individual workouts. The sophomore line operator will not reveal details of his injury, including whether he was injured during first-team training on July 27, whether he is still dealing with back problems after undergoing off-season surgery and what he is currently recovering from, but he has estimated That he must. Be 100% healthy in ‘two days’.

“It feels really good and I’m not feeling any inconvenience at the moment, so it’s really good,” Jenkins said after going into practice on Saturday. “If I have to give myself a percentage, maybe around 90%, and it’s just about getting my body back to feeling football again and back to 100% of ‘this football’ and ready to go.”

Jenkins said he had been in the training room for the past nine days and that his long absence was to “improve my health.”

His absence was particularly notable at Hallas Hall amid commercial rumors regarding a second-round pick. Earlier in the week, Jenkins responded to a fan on Twitter concerned about his whereabouts with “Don’t believe everything you read” in light of reports of mutual dissatisfaction between the player and the franchise.

“Only one thing is I’ve been clashing with coaches,” Jenkins said. “That just wasn’t true, and I just wanted to tell everyone that you don’t have to believe everything someone says. It’s just how it is.”

Throughout the first week and a half of training, coach Matt Ebervloss refused to go into the details of Jenkins’ absence and classified the intervention as “daily.” Offensive coordinator Luke Jetsie said Friday that Jenkins was present during team meetings and “all in.”

Getsy and Eberflus confirm that Jenkins is in competition for a starting point up front and has passed that message to the man of the line.

Really, like everyone else, Eberlus said, “Get out there and compete. Everything is open. Indulge yourself in it.” “Like we said, he’s been great at meetings. He was very attentive. He was attentive. He’s been back in the aisles to see plays and understand his role and plays. So it was good.”

Jenkins was drafted 39th overall in 2021 by former Bears general manager Ryan Pace. After undergoing back surgery before the junior season, Jenkins was limited to 157 shots on the left intervention last season.

Jenkins said he believes in organizing the Bears and expects to be with the team during the regular season. “To me I am a loyal person,” Jenkins said. “Chicago Bears, they recruited me so I’ll be staying with the Chicago Bears until then.”

Jenkins was replaced on the left tackle by the rising fifth rounder Braxton Jones During OTAs he was transferred to proper handling of the second team. On the first day of boot camp, Jenkins hired reps as a swing ring and said he’s ready to explore a step guard.

“I’m willing to play wherever they want,” Jenkins said. “I want to be here in Chicago so I play wherever they need me to play.”

Jenkins’ comeback came on the day Chicago finished her ninth training camp run down three of her top four wide receivers.

nickel harry He injured his left ankle/foot during the first play of a team practice and had to be helped off the field by his teammates and coaches.

“I just saw him come down,” said Eberlus. “I’ve seen the play and I don’t really know much from there. We’ll obviously take stock and then once I get that we can get it back to you. And if it’s longer we’ll let you know what it is. If it’s day in and day out, we’ll say that too” .

Byron Pringle upward Philos Jones Jr.. They were also not participating on Saturday. Pringle, one of the Bears agent’s top signings, has a quadruple injury, according to Eberfels, and has no timetable for a comeback, although the team is optimistic his injury won’t put him out of the regular season.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Ebervelos. “I don’t think so.” “It’s longer than day by day, so that’s all I can say, but there’s no real timetable to come back. But we hope it’s going well for us.”

According to Eberfels, Jones Jr. is a “day in and day out” who addressed concerns about the team’s wide receiver depth after being without three players in the role of No. 2 and No. 3 receiver at wide.

“Yes, you always worry about that,” said Eberlus. “You know, during camp when you have a slate of 90 guys and guys get off with soft tissue stuff or whatever that might be, you put the workload on other guys. And those other guys have the chance. They have more reps, so you have to put in Consider that. And we were. We are aware of that.”