December 7, 2022

Chicago Bears' Justin Fields admits 'terrible' performance after scoring the worst performance of his career of 27.7 in the win

Chicago Bears’ Justin Fields admits ‘terrible’ performance after scoring the worst performance of his career of 27.7 in the win

CHICAGO – The Chicago Bears survived their third week with a 23-20 victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday, thanks in large part to a late quarterback interception. Ruchuan Smith This setting Cairo SantosGame-winning 30-yard field goal with time up.

But quarterback Justin Fields Keep fighting.

After recording 48 net yards in a loss at Green Bay in Week 2, he completed only 8 of 17 passes for 106 yards and two interceptions against Houston. He also flopped twice and had a passing rating of 27.7, the lowest of his career in the NFL.

After the match, Fields gave a harsh assessment of his performance.

“Live, I just played – I don’t want to say an A-word, but I played like rubbish,” Fields said. “It really just has to be better.”

Fields said he was very annoyed by his two interceptions and that he plans to begin the process of rectifying his mistakes immediately.

“I’m going to see the movie tonight,” he said. “You played terribly.” “Look what I could have done better and get better.”

Fields’ first interception came with 2:54 left in the first quarter when he tried to call Cool qumt On the seam path he missed the narrow end, which he said was wide open. The second intercept occurred in the third quarter and was a byproduct of what Fields described as poor resolution coupled with poor throwing of the wide receiver. Darnell Money With three defenders around him.

“I got pressure, and I saw Cover 2, (centre quarterback) running with Darnell,” Fields said. “When I saw it, I got hit while throwing, so next time I have to cancel the check. So here’s something I’ll be working on this week: squeeze – boom – check down.”

The Bears attempted only six passes in the second half and leaned heavily on the running game while Fields struggled. Khalil Herbertwho finished with 20 carries 157 yards and two touchdowns instead of injured David Montgomerycarrying the brunt of a running game that shed 281 yards.

The Chicago attack sought more balance after a trivial outing against the Packers and struggled to move the ball effectively in a passing game.

Bears coach Matt Ebervlos addressed the shortcomings of Fields after the game and how the team can continue to instill confidence in the young midfielder.

“I think when you work with a midfielder in a new attack, I think the people around him have to be solid,” Ebervlos said. “This is important for us, it means that the protection must be good, the running game must be good, the defense must be good and a special team, we must be great.

“What you do is you support that quarterback as he grows. As he goes through this, there are going to be good things and there are going to be things he has to improve, but that is on the entire football team. All football is a team like that.”

Despite Fields struggling, the Bears still managed to take the win to improve the score to 2-1. Fields referred to the way he fought in week three as positive and emphasized his desire to win by any means necessary.

“After two selections, it was 20-20,” Fields said. “The choices won’t do anything for me now. It’s like at that point, I’m going to do everything I can to help us win the match. Of course, I want to play better but – I can’t be here frown, this and that. You have to win the match.”