August 15, 2022

Chapter 4 'Unveiled at Comic-Con, surprises Keanu Reeves - Deadline

Chapter 4 ‘Unveiled at Comic-Con, surprises Keanu Reeves – Deadline

What was no shocker today in San Diego Comic Con: Keanu Reeves crashed collider directors on the output panel where his John Wick: Chapter 4 Chad Stahelski’s director was a member of the committee.

They premiered the first trailer for the movie Lionsgate, which wasn’t shown in theaters until March 24, 2023. Image title? Simply John Wick.

“Sorry for breaking up the party, they kicked me out here,” Reeves said.

Stahelski and Reeves said the fourth race is being held in five regions: Japan, America, Paris, Berlin and Jordan.

The promo begins with Reeves’ John Wick punching a tight pole.

There’s an audio commentary asking John, “Have you thought where this ends up? No one, not even you, can kill everyone.” Lots of action scenes take place in five countries: Japan, Jordan, America, Germany and France. Jon fights enemies with samurai swords, guns and nunchucks.

We see neon shots of Japan, sword fight and wicket against the Eiffel Tower in winter. Lots of dogs and archers with bow and arrows.

“Are you ready, John?” booms Laurence Fishburne Bowery King.

“Yes,” Wake answers in a calm tone.

“Lots of nunchucks,” Stahelski said, “we just love nunchucks.”

“I think you just love torturing your main character,” says Reeves.

Reeves appeared on the Comic-Con panel earlier today for a chat BRZRKR, His comic from Boom! studios.

While most Hall H paintings like Dungeons & Dragons yesterday and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Today it was full, there was a small turnout in the great hall of the San Diego Convention Center for what was an obvious stunt.