January 30, 2023

Canada's Trudeau has been criticized by some members of the European Parliament for his treatment of the convoy of protesters

Canada’s Trudeau has been criticized by some members of the European Parliament for his treatment of the convoy of protesters

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau He met with a stinging reprimand from some members of the European Parliament (MEP) last week after he addressed the European Union.

Independent Croatian Member of Parliament Mislav Kolakosic has accused Trudeau of engaging in a “dictatorship of the worst kind” over the way his government handled the peaceful freedom convoy in February.

“Under your semi-liberal boots in recent months, we have watched women trample horses, how unmarried fathers’ bank accounts are closed so that they can’t even pay for their children’s education and medicine, they can’t pay utilities and mortgages to their homes,” Kulakocic said.

Alternative for Germany, MEP, Christine Anderson-Trudeau called out, calling it “a disgrace to any democracy”.

Canadian clergy Reebok Trudeau to invoke emergency law, other “tyrannical measures”

Another alternative for Germany, MEP, Bernard Zimniuk, echoed Anderson, tweeting, “I am overwhelmed by the support and appreciation of the Canadian people, which means a lot to me! Because of this, I published the letter with the English translation. Unfortunately, the translator ignored that I mentioned the freezing of 200 bank accounts “.

Planned vigils at Canadian consulates in the US to protest the imprisonment of a pastor who called for a transfer of freedom

Romanian MP Christian Terhey boycotted Trudeau’s speech entirely.

Trudeau also faced backlash at home for the way he responded to the Freedom Caravan.

A video went viral on social media in February of police in riot gear attacking convoys of protesters in Ottawa by arresting them, teargassing them, and posting officers on horseback into the crowds. A woman was reportedly run over by a horse, according to a video clip of the accident.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comments on the ongoing truckers’ authorization protest during a press conference at Parliament House in Ottawa, Canada, on February 14, 2022.
(Photo by DAVE CHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

a group of Canadian Send the clergy open letter Prime Minister Trudeau He berated him last month for invoking the emergency law to suppress the Freedom Caravan and for other actions they described as “tyrannical.”


“We write to you as pastors representing Christian communities from across the country and as law-abiding citizens who respect the God-given role of civil government and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest law in our land, which recognizes God’s supremacy over all human legislation,” read MessageSigned by 29 clerics.