September 28, 2022

Calling the Brett Patty Mets

Calling the Brett Patty Mets

The Mets immerse themselves in the talented pool of possibilities by calling No. 2 possibility Brett Patty, a source told Anthony DiComo on Tuesday. The club has not confirmed the move.

The 22-year-old third baseman, who is expected to be active on Wednesday, was recently promoted to Triple-A Syracuse and had a strong start there, cutting 364/.462/.364 in six games at that level. He lit pop in Double-A Binghamton with 19 players in 89 games before the promotion.

With Eduardo Escobar battling through some side distress – he was scratched out of the starting lineup on Tuesday – and companion player Luis Gillorm on the shelf for several weeks, the Mets needed depth on the field. With Patti taking the call, it seems likely that Escobar will need time on the injured list, which has quickly become crowded for the Mets yet. Carlos Carrasco was also absent from the field On Tuesday with a left slant strain.

Bate was the club’s first-round pick in 2019 and placed 12th in the overall selection. He has a smooth swing in his left hand and his ability to force, and his defense improves on third base. After moving to Triple-A, Patty spoke with about expectations to be one step away from the Majors.

It could happen at any time. [and] “They do an interval batch, which is always fun to watch there,” said Patty. [getting called up] It happens, and then I’ll go up there and do the same thing I’m doing here: Go through my day job and try to be the best baseball player I can be with the team, score goals, and win ball games. “

Now Patty will get that chance with the Mets trying to fend off the Braves in their pursuit of the NL East title.