November 29, 2022

California referendum shows Trump’s big lie is now Republican playbook

It was a preemptive strike against the truth by some big names on the American right.

Former President Donald Trump has warned that the vote will be “rigged”. Republican nominee Larry Elder predicted “bad guys.” Conservative media star Tommy Lauren suggested that “voter fraud” was inevitable.

The attempt to sow disbelief in California’s memorial service began long before Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom was beaten. Crushing success On Tuesday, he defeated senior and other Republicans who believed he would be replaced.

A barrage of claims echoed Trump’s “big lie” A stolen presidential election and at the same time unfounded. But, more importantly, they also demonstrated that undermining confidence in electoral unity has become a tactic for many Republicans facing defeat at the ballot box.

We saw in the November election; We saw it in the January 6th uprising. Sean Clegg, A Newsom aide told reporters this week. We have no Democrats or Republicans in this country. We have the Democratic Party and the Anti-Democratic Party.

He added: “They are trying to throw battery acid on our constitution, our electoral rules, and this is a preview of what’s coming. We are going to see the same thing in 2022 and the same thing in 2024. Unfortunately, this has become the Trump Playbook, and they are going for it. They are returning to it. ”

Although the Democrats are high Republicans For nearly two to one in California, party leaders feared that NewSom might be affected by the recollection of dealing with a corona virus infection, including masks and vaccine orders.

Doc Radio Host Elder was their leading competitor In the alternative vote46 – This includes reality TV star and former Olympian Caitlin Jenner – and will certainly become governor if the recall is successful.

But since the polls showed Newssoma in a commanding position, Republicans put forward the circular argument They can only be defeated if the vote is rigged. The vast majority of Republican intimidators focused on the widespread use of mail-in ballots — the majority of California people voted by mail before the outbreak before the outbreak.

The elder said he believes “there may be fraudsters like there were in the 2020 election.” A website linked to his campaign has a link “Stop CA Fraud” People can report suspicious voting activity or sign a petition calling for a special legislative session to investigate. Some of the languages ​​were identical in the petition that helped spread Trump’s attempt to thwart last year’s presidential election.

In the closing days of the campaign, Trump weighed in on himself A statement Asked: “Does anyone really believe that the California recall is not an election fraud?”

Governor Gavin Newcomer celebrates victory in California re-election. Photo: Rich Pedroncelli / AP

The unsubstantiated allegations infiltrated the right-wing media environment. Lagran, presenter of the Fox Nation Channel, Guess: “The only thing that will save Gavin Newsom is voter fraud, so as they say: stay tuned. Focus on voter fraud in California because it will have big consequences not only for that state, but also for the upcoming elections.

But conspiracy theories were blunted by the scale of NewSom’s success, healthy voting, support for his Govt-19 measures and a complete rejection of Trump-style populism. In the end the senior did not even mention the fraud when he addressed his supporters after the defeat, Request: “We will be merciful in failure.”

However, Trump called it “absolutely bad” and the right-wing media was reluctant to acknowledge the results. In a Twitter thread CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter spoke for hours about the memoir as he danced around the pro-Trump One America News Network (ONN) Newsom victory.

“It’s weird,” Stelter tweeted. “OAN does not accuse fraud but completely ignores the news.” Finally, 12 hours after NewSome’s victory, OANN briefly stated that “Gavin defended NewSome’s role as Governor of California”.

A tough race could have turned ugly. Joe Walsh, A former Republican congressman from Illinois said: “The fact that the California election is not very close may be due to voter fraud.

“It’s a Republican game book. It’s hard to lose any Republican candidate and accept his election results and move forward. They’re all going to be a big sore like Trump.

Walsh, Who challenged Trump For last year’s Republican presidential nomination, he added: “To be a potential Republican today, you have to lie or you have to deny the truth. You can’t say that Joe Biden was fair and won the square. You can’t say January 6 is a rebellion. You have to be careful when the vaccines work.

“To be a Republican today, you have to question every election you appear to have. This is Trump’s legacy and you are going to see it again in 2024.

But constantly trashing the electoral process will have the opposite effect. Last year, Republicans feared that Trump’s claims of widespread fraud due to the expansion of email voting during the epidemic would force many Republicans to stay home. He may have lost the seats of Kelly Lofler and David Ferdinand as he continued to press in Georgia At the Senate race last January.

Drexel Hart, A Los Angeles-based Democratic strategist recalled California: “Republican strategists are now complaining about the language used by Republicans. Of course, if Donald Trump had used it, this might have had an impact on the suppression of the Republican vote. Did not vote.

He added: “It’s almost like self – destruction. It’s not going to hurt because they keep talking about election fraud. Democrats, It is going to affect their voters because why do their voters want to go out if they believe their votes will not be counted? What the Democrats have said is that we want everyone to vote, whether it is a Democrat or a Republican.

However, Trump’s allies have had the most insidious attacks. Although state officials, judges and then-Attorney General William Barr saw no significant shortcomings in the 2020 election, some Republicans who tried to overcome it are now vying for power. The way future elections are conducted in volatile states.

With Trump’s support, They become secretaries of state — which will be important in determining questions such as what names will be removed from the voter list, who will receive a mail-in ballot, and what technology will be used to certify the results.

The Senate, controlled by the Republican Party of Arizona, has been conducting an 'audit' for months before the 2020 election in Marigopa County.
The Senate, controlled by the Republican Party of Arizona, has been conducting an ‘audit’ for months before the 2020 election in Marigopa County. Photo: Matt York / AB

Among them is Mark Pinchem, who this week Received Trump’s approval Secretary of State for Arizona. He advanced the principles of the Canaanite conspiracy and attended the January 6 rally, which ended in a deadly uprising in the American capital. Finzema praised Trump for “incredibly powerful stance on massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election fraud.”

On Thursday the 45th President threw his weight behind Matthew Deferno for the Michigan Attorney General. He mentions that “The presidential election on November 3 is in the forefront of leading to fair and accurate elections as he fights relentlessly to reveal the truth.”

The “big lie” also emerges A ridiculous “censorship” This month of the 2020 election in Arizona is expected to be called innovations. Republicans in Pennsylvania plan to hold hearings as part of a poll on the poll, while the state Senate in Texas passed a bill that would allow party results to be reviewed.

Observers fear that this new Republican legacy will only erode the very foundations of democracy. Larry Jacobs, The director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota said: “It’s going to be here for a long time now.

“I think it’s going to happen: it’s 20 to 30% of the electorate, almost all Republicans. .

Jacobs added: “Remember that the Democrats said similar things in 2016: a small number and the defeated candidate quickly advanced and conceded defeat, so it did not do what Trump and the Republicans did. There is a system, which will decide the elections. “