November 29, 2022

California Amnesty Rent Utilizes Federal Trigger Surplus

In the upcoming memorial election, Mr. Kevin Falconer, the former Republican mayor of San Diego, who will challenge Newsum, said the rent relief plan was only a temporary solution.

“Once upon a time tricks were not an alternative to permanent tax relief,” he said. Falconer said Monday. “California is uncontrollable for middle-class families, which is why they are leaving our state so heavily.”

Prior to the epidemic, housing and homelessness were major issues for voters and the state last year. Population lost for the first time, Middle-class homeowners left the state for cheaper housing elsewhere. Although some of these were once driven by factors, the government has continued to see more people fleeing than moving from one state to another over the past decade, and in the process has lost a network of 900,000 residents to displacement. Bitterness about incoming Californians has made this issue more widespread Triggered a setback In cities like Boise and Idaho, home prices have soared with the arrival of newcomers with home buying budgets.

Concerned that the epidemic would already exacerbate the state’s most critical problem, California responded aggressively, moving 35,000 homeless Californians past one of the nation’s toughest eviction barriers. In hotels, A model growing across the country. The governor has proposed $ 12 billion to spend on the homeless, including $ 7 billion to convert motels and apartments into shelters and $ 1.75 billion to build affordable housing.

While government efforts are important to keep tenants staying during epidemics, there are rental programs in California and elsewhere Suffered from complications And slow out the money. Studies show One-third of tenants have used federal stimulus or unemployment money to pay their rent since last year, but a very small number, less than 2 percent, have been able to access a rental plan. As a result, the majority of tenants had to borrow or save more to pay their bills during epidemics so they could reduce future emergencies as the economy recovered.

On Monday, state lawmakers were working on a bill to extend its June 30 expiration ban on evictions, several officials in the legislature said, noting the name to discuss ongoing negotiations. A vote may come early this week. Lawmakers are expected to extend the eviction ban and compensate low-income tenants with 100 percent rent, up from 80 percent of their rent bill through current programs.