February 2, 2023

Buffalo Bills OT Roger Savold injured in a car accident, starts camp on the NFI list

Buffalo Bills OT Roger Savold injured in a car accident, starts camp on the NFI list

Pittsford, NY – Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Roger Savold He opens a training camp on the non-football injury list after being involved in a car accident.

Coach Sean McDermott announced Savold’s condition before first-team training on Sunday, saying the incident had occurred in the past two weeks. Savold, 34, was in the opening session and is set to be the team’s starter in left guard when he’s healthy.

“You don’t want to put a schedule on that, but it usually takes a while. I mean it’s hard for him to sleep. Anyone who’s broken a rib is probably talking to that,” General Manager Brandon Bean said. “It hurts. Fortunately, you know, that’s all it was. Anytime you get in a car wreck, it can be life-threatening. But we’re glad it’s the worst. There’s never good timing, but maybe better now than in the season.” Thus, we will be patient.”

Bean added that the billers expect Savold to return before the start of the season.

back corner Tre’Davious white He starts camp on a list physically unable to perform as he continues to come back from a torn ACL he suffered on Thanksgiving.

“It’s on schedule. It looks really good,” McDermott said. “He’s working on his tail, and I mean Tre is an accomplished pro. So that hasn’t changed, and we’re excited to have him back when we can get him back.”

Bean said White is “looking forward to getting back out there” but the team won’t rush him.

McDermott said White is still on schedule with his rehabilitation. defensive line Elie Inko (calf) and offensive line man Ike Butger (Achilles) is also on the PUP list.

safety Jordan Boyer31, was present and involved despite a request for a contract extension through his agent, Drew Rosenhouse, in the off-season.

Poyer is in the final year of his contract and was named to the All Pro first team for the first time in his career in 2021. Rosenhaus attended training on Sunday and is scheduled to meet Beane. Boyer said he was “optimistic” that something could be accomplished.

“Drew is here today talking about things with Brandon, and I know they are working things out on every aspect,” Boyer said. “I’m really excited to be here with my teammates and to see the players again and start this journey and try to improve every day.”