September 30, 2022

Buccaneers' Todd Bowles Doesn't Have Timeline For Tom Brady's Return, 'I'm Not Concerned' About QB Extended Absence

Buccaneers’ Todd Bowles Doesn’t Have Timeline For Tom Brady’s Return, ‘I’m Not Concerned’ About QB Extended Absence

Tom Brady was far from pirate For a week, we don’t know when he’ll be back. Exempted from training for undisclosed personal reasons, the quarterback appears to have planned his extended absence ahead of training camp. After initially saying Brady would be back after Saturday’s second preseason game, coach Todd Bowles told reporters on Thursday that he actually doesn’t have a schedule for Brady to be in, even with the regular season opener just over three weeks away.

“We’ll see,” said Bulls. per ESPN, when asked Thursday when Brady will be back. “We’ll talk about that next week. [I’m] Don’t bother with it now. We’re trying to train against Tennessee and play a game. “Sometime after Tennessee,” I said. There is no specific date for me. But we’ll check it out, keep in touch, and find out.”

The Bulls added that he has been in contact with Brady since the quarterback began his absence on August 11, expressing confidence that the seven-time Super Bowl champion will be under center when he visits Tampa Bay. Cowboys At the beginning of the September eleventh season. However, the fact that the Bulls are dealing with the issue of Brady’s availability for the first week underscores the increasing mystery surrounding his absence, which It says he has nothing to do With health or family.

As noted by ESPN, Brady has had excused days off in the past, especially as he got older, but this is the first time in his historic 23-year career that he’s missed several days in a row during training camp or pre-season.

“That’s something we talked about before the boot camp started,” Bowles said last week. “We made that time because he wanted to get in and have chemistry with the players and go into the two-week training camp, knowing he wouldn’t be playing the first two. [preseason] Toys.”

Brady’s first excused absence came after a scheduled day off for veterans on his 45th birthday. It also came just days after the NFL publicly disciplined dolphinswho was found to have “unauthorizedly” recruited Brady while playing for both patriots The Pirates of 2019-2021. Brady faces no penalty for the alleged contact with Miami, although he did not dispute reports of his connection to the Dolphins when asked earlier this summer.

It’s been a busy season for TB12, who retired from football after the 2021 season but suddenly announced his return to the Buccaneers after 40 days. Weeks after Brady’s return, coach Bruce Aryan retired from his position to enable the Bowles promotion, effectively giving Brady more offensive control.