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I call your name
You turn around, and surrender
You feel the light on your face
No more darkness, you are home now

Take my hand look in my eyes
You can trust in me tonight
You can trust me
And you can hear my still small voice
Saying I love you
You’re forgiven, you are mine

I will live, I will live with nothing I
I will suffer out of love and I would die
I will sacrifice
All over again for you
I am reckless for your heart
Let me feel, let me heal the deepest part
Again and again and again
All over again for you

Track released date: July 7 on Subculture

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Single Human Being in this Big Gigantic World.

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  • VeraVera

    Author Reply

    Love This songvera

  • I like to think this song is about someone on their deathbed…possibly from cancer, etc. And the girlfriend/wife is saying she’s calling his/her name one last time to respond and the dying person is surrendering to death. The light is her hand on his/her face and that represents life, versus the darkness which is death and their for the time being they’re home, aka happy. Same with trusting in them tonight, like everything will be ok. Being able to hear her small voice because they’re almost dead, but can still hear her say , “I love you.” The forgiven part is about all of their pass disputes being forgotten and that she still loves him by saying, “You are mine.” The last paragraph is essentially about wishing she could trade places and therefore sacrificing herself for him/her.

    I could be completely off her, but it makes so much sense to me. I love the message and I love the melody. I love trance.

  • It so amazing words wz beautiful trance musike

  • LL

    Author Reply

    perfection.. all over again for you :’

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