December 4, 2022

Brett Kavanagh Inquiry: The FBI says it has received more than 4,500 tips on Kavanagh, providing the White House with ‘relevant’

The exact number of tips Published in a June 30 letter Sen. Shelton released the White House Thursday. The letter was in response to a two-year request from the Senate Democrats for more information on how to handle the investigation.
The revelation sparked serious allegations from the FBI and the Liberals Trump The White House has not adequately investigated the allegations against Cavanaugh in the wake of Dr. Christine Blassey Ford’s allegations that they were both sexually abused while in high school at a party in the Maryland suburbs.

The allegations almost traced his determination, and Kavanagh has always vehemently denied them. Kavanagh was eventually confirmed by 50-48 votes.

In the letter, Assistant Director Jill Tyson said Cavanaugh’s appointment was the first time the FBI had issued a memorandum to a candidate subject to Senate confirmation, and that the notes included phone calls and electronic submissions.

Tyson said relevant information was provided to the office of the White House adviser who served as the solicitor. Don McCann, who served as a White House adviser at the time, did not immediately send a request for comment.

Tyson reiterated the comments made by FBI Director Christopher Ware in a testimony from past Congress: The FBI serves as a “investigative service provider” for federal background investigations, and its role in the Cavanaugh case is to respond to requests for advice from the White House adviser. The FBI has repeatedly stated that it did not conduct a criminal investigation into Kavanagh’s behavior.

He said under a memorandum of understanding between the judiciary and the White House in 2010, the FBI would not reopen background investigations “unless specifically instructed by the requesting agency to do so”.

“Officers, policies and procedures relied on the FBI to conduct itself [background investigations] Not the authorities, policies and procedures used to investigate criminal matters, “Tyson wrote.

The letter drew a strong response from the White House and six Democratic senators to the Judiciary Committee.

“The combinations in your letter confirm and illustrate the many credible accounts of individuals and companies contacting the FBI with ‘very relevant information. Allegations that Judge Cavanaugh committed sexual misconduct should be ignored,” they wrote in a letter to the FBI.

“If the FBI does not recognize or follow any of the tips received from the tip line, it’s hard to understand that a tip has a fort,” they said.

A Democratic Senate employee affiliated with the Judiciary Committee acknowledged that the senators had been given full tips at the time, but until a letter from the FBI last month, senators were unaware that the FBI was involved in a process of determining which tips. Related. Instead of providing the Senate with an FBI analysis of relevant tips, the White House sent all notes to senators that could only be read in a safe room without the benefit of taking notes.

On Thursday, Ford’s lawyers Debra Godz and Lisa Banks released a statement calling the FBI’s investigation a “fraud and a major corporate failure.”

Prosecutors said the FBI refused to interview Ford and “failed to act on the 4,500 tips received about then – candidate Kawanak.”

“Instead it passed the information to the White House, allowing supporters of Cavanaugh to lie that the FBI did nothing wrong,” they said.

Correction: An earlier version of this article mistyped the last name of FBI Assistant Director Jill Tyson.