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Back this year with their 5th edition this December, Enchanted Valley Carnival is here to give its attendees an experience of a lifetime. Over the past years, they have garnered the reputation of being one of the most versatile and loved multi genre festivals that India has seen.

This year, they are hosting a 2-Day multi genre concert at a new venue. Due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of EVC, Enchanted Valley Carnival will not be held at the venue that has been home to the festival for the past four years. The 2-Day concert will now take place in the metropolitan hub of the country, Mumbai. The festival will now be held at the NESCO centre in Mumbai on the 16th and the 17th of December. Considering the fact that most music festivals do take place in either Goa or Pune, it will be an interesting change for most attendees this year. Also, this is the first-time Mumbai will see an indoor concert which prolongs over two days!

Despite a change in the venue, the festival will ensure to not compromise on providing a “tribe” experience to its fans.

The first day of the festival celebrates the best in trance with the debut of the famed “Electronic Family” stage. Headlined by Armin Van Buuren, this stage is one that will be thronged by trance fans. Boasting of a stellar line-up that includes Statement prodigy Rodg and the man of many talents, Ruben de Ronde. Alongside them will be playing Australian trance superstar Marlo. And to add a cherry to the cake, the Unicorn slayer, the legendary Markus Schulz also will be playing at the reputed stage. Indian trance heavyweights, Get Massive and Snowflakes too will be performing at the Electronic Family.

This stage is absolute gold for any trance fan as it is rare to see so many legends taking the same stage and performing on the very same night.

We are really looking forward to attending the  2-Day concert as it won’t only be refreshing to watch how Enchanted Valley Carnival will be pulled off with the change in the venue, but it will be a massive congregation of trance fans from across the country. And considering it’s their 5th year in the business, it will probably be a beginning of a new era for Enchanted Valley Carnival overall. Are you ready to #livethetribe?

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