December 2, 2022

Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood

Brad Pitt: It’s ‘stressful’ to be a Clint Eastwood male

“It’s exhausting being anything but who you are,” Pete said of the pressures of generations to not “show weakness” as a man.

Brad Pitt Don’t want to “cry macho” like Clint Eastwood outside the camera.

The Academy Award winner spoke of the “exhausting” pressure to perform as icons of masculinity as depicted on screen.

“It’s exhausting being anything but who you are,” the alum said on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. financial times. “You have to understand, at least where you grew up, we’re the most Clint Eastwood character: you have everything inside of you, you’re capable, you can handle anything, you don’t show weakness. I see that in my parents and older generations of actors, and oh Man, it’s exhausting.”

Pete continued, “As I get older, I find comfort in friendships where you can be [completely yourself]And I want to extend that to the outside world. What people do: I’m fine. I feel safe here because there is such an emphasis on our struggle as human beings, because it is very risky. And joy too. “

The “Bullet Train” star made headlines earlier this year for wearing a skirt to the premiere of David Leitch-helmed action movie. Pete said at the time (via diverse).

Pitt, along with musician Nick Cave and Los Angeles-based artist Thomas Hozigo, exhibited a sculpture collection at the Museum of Finnish Art Sara Helden. “I find I have to walk with the pain I feel, and I have to walk with joy and beauty,” Pete said. “Our mutual misery became a comedy, and out of this misery a spark of joy came into my life. I have always wanted to be a sculptor. I have always wanted to experience it.”

Pitt, who has been described as a “largely self-made” artist, explained that his work is part of an emotional rebirth.

“I was looking at my own life and really focused on owning my own bullshit: where I was complicit in the failures in my relationships, and where I went wrong,” said the “Blonde” and “She’s Happy” producer. “For me, I was born out of the ownership of what I call a radical self-inventory, really intense honesty with me, and deference to those I might have hurt.”

Pitt is currently in multiple lawsuits with ex-partner Angelina Jolie six years after Jolie filed for divorce. As I mentioned New York timesLegal filing of claims home physically assaulted Both Jolie and their children during a plane trip in September 2016. Pitt previously told the New York Times in 2019 that after Jolie filed for divorce, he went to Alcoholics Anonymous and is now sober.

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