July 5, 2022

Border voyage retreats on vulnerable Senate Dem

The sharp pushback is a glimpse into the turbulent politics surrounding Chapter 42 and the pressures that could hit vulnerable swing-state senators like Hassan – one of the four Democrats responsible for determining control of the Senate in November.

“I’m really angry. I do not know what she’s going to get out of doing this,” said Eva Castillo, director of the New Hampshire Alliance for Immigration and Refugees, one of the signatories to the letter. She thought it would help get support. “

Castillo said he was considering leaving his ballot blank for his U.S. Senate election.

“In the last election, he was vulnerable, now he is even more vulnerable. So, if we all decide to leave it empty, it will speak very loudly,” he said.

Hassan was not the only one to criticize the Biden administration over its plan to raise Chapter 42. Many House and Senate Democrats – four most dangerous Senate Democrats – including Sense Mark Kelly of Arizona, Rafael Warnok of Georgia and Catherine Cortes Masto of Nevada – They have called on the administration to delay the cancellation of the policy that allows border agents to expedite the evacuation of thousands of migrants without allowing them to seek asylum.

However, Hassan is the only member of the committee representing the border state – except Kelly, who went to the border to stress the need for border security.

“She’s come back to the polls, so she’s going to kick the Republicans out of the border. Is she disappointed? Absolutely,” said Arnie Arnesen. We will vote for Maggie, not because of Maggie, but because we believe in democracy and she will not vote for Mitch McCann. . “

According to many Democratic strategists and leaders, immigration does not have to be a major issue in New Hampshire. Andrew Smith, director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, said there had been no recent poll on immigration views in the state, but that public opinion on topic 42 was “unlikely to affect the many votes in November.”

Still, Hassan’s re-election is taking place in a worrying situation in the state. Nearly two-thirds of respondents a The latest UNH granite state poll believes the United States is on the wrong track; Only 28 percent think they are heading in the right direction. Biden’s endorsement ratings are underwater: 47 percent agree with his work performance, and 53 percent disagree.

The Granite State poll was released this week Hassan balances statistics in match-ups with four potential Republican rivals. Only 35 percent have a positive opinion of her, and 51 percent do not view her positively.

Arnausen and other Democrats in the state noted that Hassan had already upset his own party members with his stance on immigration. In 2015, as governor, he became the first democratic governor to call for a complete halt to the US acceptance of Syrian refugees by the government.Ensure strong refugee screening.

But Hassan’s dangerous situation this year led many to take his trip – and the video he shared on Twitter in front of the border wall – a blatant political ploy. To some Democrats, this appeared to be an adoption of GOP tactics and an unnecessary duplication of the issue that Republicans were going to criticize regardless of what he said or did.

“I do not know of anyone who thought this was a terribly good idea. Speak freely. “I like Maggie … but I think no one understands why she did that.”

Hassan’s moves also led to a fallout with Latin leaders in the state.

“We expect dangerous rhetoric and the accompanying attitude from the New Hampshire Republican Party and the number of intimidating candidates,” they wrote in a public letter to the state party leader, “in the same way that when one of our Democratic leaders acts, we must draw a line.”

Hassan’s allies expect his position on immigration – and his willingness to speak out against the Biden administration – to play well with moderate and independent voters. This is no small feat in a state where independents represent the largest group of registered voters.

A recent Morning consultation / political poll While 60 percent of Democrats support the Biden administration’s raising of Title 42, only 31 percent of independents approve of it. More than 50 percent of independents do not accept it.

A recent Gallup poll And independents are more concerned about illegal immigration, with 39 percent more concerned about it.

“Maggie is trying to find the right way to do this, and that does not mean she’s locked in with the administration. She’s doing her homework,” said Sylvia Larson, a former Democratic state senator who has been in office for 20 years. [does]Democrats on the left are vocal about these issues, but in line … people will join the effort to ensure safety and ensure adequate health care.

Hassan’s office will not comment on the criticism he received for his stance on Chapter 42 and the recent border voyage. But Hassan’s spokesman said during a trip to the southern border, additional evidence from senator law enforcement officials – including staff, technology and physical barriers – was needed to address the expected border increase. Shortcuts.

“As a member of the Homeland Security Council, Senator Hassan will continue to urge the Biden administration not to end Chapter 42 until it provides a comprehensive plan to ensure a secure, secure and humanitarian border,” Hassan’s spokeswoman Laura Epstein said. Said in a statement.

Republicans have shown every intention to put pressure on Hassan in this matter. For months, his GOP opponents have been criticizing him over immigration. In the weeks following her border voyage they continued to slander her, refusing to photograph it, and a sign that she acknowledged her vulnerability.

New Hampshire Senate President GOP Challenger Chuck Morse said in a statement, “Maggie’s photo-apps will not solve the crisis that helped her vote.

Kevin Smith, another Republican Senate candidate and former mayor of London, NH, has repeatedly accused Hassan of using the border issue – after his own border trip in February. She was challenged Do the same.

Many Democrats familiar with Hassan’s electoral history – who won two governorships before the GOP captured Senate Kelly Ioto in 2016 – argued that he was still in a good position to win a second term and that immigration was unlikely to be a decisive one. Released in November.

“Maggie is a moderately practical person, so she may lose some of our party’s left in this issue, but they also know that she’s stood up on a number of issues,” Larson said. “Overall I think she’s coming right up with this decision.”