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Talk about albums that have been a game changer in the genre, and the first name that comes to our heads is Blueprint! Every time one listens to this album, they happen to discover something new.Ferry Corsten has always tried to push the boundaries of the genre by combining different musical elements and genres to create something magical. His tracks always have a story to tell. Animated by the thought of combining music and a story-line that surpasses the confines of this planet, ‘Blueprint’ is truly an exceptional one that captivates the listener immediately. So today, we sit down with the man behind this masterpiece and get him to answer a few questions for us. Here is Mr Ferry Corsten for you!

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Hi Ferry! Firstly, congratulations on the release of your album – Blueprint. It has been no time at all since the album’s release and it’s already being touted as a game changer for the genre. How does it feel to be at the receiving end of such a positive response?

Hi There! Thanks for interviewing me. I’m absolutely over the moon with the response of my fans and reviews regarding the album. It was a really long process to make the album, blood, sweat, and tears, but seeing the responses, it was worth all the work.

We have always seen you being extremely inclined towards sci-fi and we constantly see you questioning the beginning of the universe and its creations with your tracks. How did the idea for blueprint come about? Does this album answer all your questions?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been a big sci-fi fan. The interest in the unknown and what lies beyond that always grabbed me. For this project I had a chance to work with both my favourite interests, scifi and music. So this was actually a no brainer. When I hooked up with David it was great to work together and build a storyline from my idea. The album definitely gives me some answers to some questions I’ve had, or rather shares in a concept level what various possibilities can be.

How did the collaboration with David H. Miller happen? How was your experience working with him?

I got to meet the David (the screenwriter) from my manager who was a friend of his. We hit it off very well and working together was easy and fun. The flow was fantastic. Working on the storyboard and at the same time the music definitely inspired me in creating the flow and mood of each track that was to be made.

Can we see you working on upcoming albums with a similar concept or by collaborating with a writer?

I always say never say never. I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself to a corner that all my albums will have a story or collaborated with a writer, but it was always a dream I had and glad that I took the time to do it. I must say the process of creating this album was absolutely amazing.

The album follows a storyline. It has a lot of pieces that come together as you go with the flow of the album. You will also be going on a Blueprint album tour. What can fans expect to see on this tour? Can we probably see a tour concept coming up which uses visuals along with audio to recreate this story on a larger platform to give the fans a complete musical and sci-fi experience?

We definitely have a lot of visuals made for this album that I will be using for the tour. I definitely want clubbers to enjoy the experience of the music and not entirely of the audio story so there will be snippets here and there but it will not be an album listening session. That is for sure. At the end of the day, the album was also for the music, so my fans will becoming to listen to that.

You recently visited the NASA John F Kennedy Space Centre! How was your experience there? Can we expect it to inspire any of your work in the future?

It was AMAZING!!!! I’m so lucky to be able to have gotten that opportunity. It was a dream come true. It was definitely inspiring, but actually more jaw dropping.

We see you working with a little bit of Morse code on this album. You have earlier used Morse code on L.E.F too. What is the message you are trying to send out through it? And how did the fascination for Morse code arise?

Yes I did on L.E.F and there was an actual meaning connected to it. It was so cool to see how some people deciphered it too. I’ve always been fascinated about morse code. It’s music, there’s a tone and a rhythm. Music communicates to people in different forms.

We saw you use a very different strategy to release your album where fans had to unlock parts of the album which would take them to the next step. How did it work for the album? Was it carried out to give more of a mysterious feelto the album?

It was a lot of fun to see how my fans were curious about the album. We did it because we wanted to have a more mysterious feel, and at the same time, due to its complexity allow people to understand the flow of how the album is played.

Who is Lucas in the album based on? Does it represent you?

Hahahaha, maybe just a little bit. I’m nerdy enough to be Lucas but not that much of a loner 😉

Finally, do you have any message you would like to send to all the people listening to the album? Any suggestions as to how one can enhance their overall album listening experience?

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my album. I’ve been following my social media closely when my album was released because I was curious ( and yes ) a bit nervous on what the feedback would be like. I’m touched and grateful for the positive responses I’ve seen so far. I love it that some people have gotten the concept on the first listen, I’m honoured that some continued and ended up falling in love with the album and have kept listening to it over and over again. Although I do love every track I’ve made , I’ve always felt that when I listen to the audio in the beg, it helped me set the mood of the meaning of the song. Again, thank you for your support and allowing me to do this.


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