February 8, 2023

Black woman says Delta moved her to the back of the plane for white passengers

Black woman says Delta moved her to the back of the plane for white passengers

A black woman has accused Delta Airlines of discrimination after a flight attendant allegedly asked her to move to the back of a plane to make room for two white women.

Camille Henderson said she was sitting near a row 15 window during a February 3 flight from Atlanta to San Francisco when the women, who were sitting in the aisle and middle seats in the row next to her, said they had first-class tickets, ABC reported 7.

“They felt like they had first class tickets, but they couldn’t save the tickets,” Henderson told the news outlet, adding that the women kept complaints for more than an hour.

Henderson recorded part of the exchange between the women and the flight attendant.

“Unfortunately, my first-class seats are occupied,” a woman was heard saying, according to a recording obtained by ABC 7.

“Hmm what?” He heard someone else say.

“They are busy,” replied the woman.

Camille Henderson claims that she was asked to move to the back of the plane to make room for two white women.
Delta planes.
A representative for the airline stated that “Delta does not tolerate discrimination in any way”.
Yuki Iwamura/AFP via Getty Images

Henderson told the station that the flight attendants then came up with a solution to give the women more space at her expense.

“Do you travel alone?” Someone is heard asking Henderson, who answers her.

“There is a seat in the back in aisle 34. It is an aisle seat,” says the host.

Henderson, who said the crew did not ask the women to move, reluctantly agreed to go to the back row, according to the outlet.

Camille Henderson.
“Trying to adapt [the women]Camille Henderson remembers.

“I don’t want to make it about race,” she said, “but instead of asking the two white women who were sitting next to me to[move]trying to accommodate them, they basically forced me to move,” she told ABC 7.

“I don’t know why I had to move because that’s the seat I paid for, and that was the seat for me,” she added. “As I get back there, I am just offended. It’s like looking at you throughout the flight and asking what’s going on.”

Henderson said she was unhappy with what the Delta customer service rep, whom she finally called on the phone, told her.

“How were you insulted because they asked you to go to another seat?” The person can be heard asking in the recording you provided to the outlet – indicating no inconvenience since she was transferred to another seat in the economy.

“You’re basically saying there’s nothing you can do?” She told the actor.

Contact Delta rep.
Camille Henderson told a Delta representative that the whole ordeal was “humiliating.”

“No, not under these circumstances I see it, madam,” the person’s reply was heard.

A spokesperson for the airline told ABC7 in a statement: “We are looking into this situation to better understand what happened.

“Delta does not tolerate discrimination in any way, and these allegations run counter to our deeply held values ​​of respecting and honoring the diversity of our customers,” the representative added.

Henderson vowed never to fly over Delta again.

“As a black woman, I was displaced to make two oval women comfortable,” she told the outlet.