July 4, 2022

Black legislators opposed the redefining map of Florida

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Florida House Governor Ron Desantis (R) gave the final passage to the blessed New Congress map, which gives Republicans the opportunity to win four new seats and wipe out the seat of a black Democrat following a dramatic sit-in struggle state-wise. Democrats, many of them black.

The map, passed in the state Senate on Wednesday, was drawn up by Desantis aides and framed several years ago to give black voters a chance as the governor refused to accept any version that would not remove the 5th district that stretches across the northern border. Choose a candidate of their choice. The district is represented by Democrat Al Lawson.

A black lawmaker in Florida has begun to speak out after his term was said to be over. State Representative Yvonne Hayes Hinson (D) was discussing the history of the right to vote when his microphone was disconnected, causing other members to shout in anger as he became silent. The session went into recess. They chanted “We will not be denied”, sang “We will win” and bowed their heads in prayer.

“Democracy looks like this,” Hinson told reporters after the vote. “This is how we fought for civil rights. This is how John Lewis fought for the right to vote. This is what we do when there is nothing else we know. This is the end of our frustration. “” If we do not have the right to vote, we feel like we are in slavery again, “he added.

Florida Speaker Chris Sprolls (R) criticized the protesters after the vote, describing their sit-in as a “hijack” and accusing them of “pretending to have a fight to be heard”.

The final congressional map also changes the structure of another district near Orlando, run by Wal-Demings, a black Democrat running for the Senate. The new lines should have been Democratic, but changed to reduce the chances of a black candidate winning.

The new taxes give Republicans the chance to win 20 of the 28 seats in Florida. The current House of Representatives includes 16 Republicans and 11 Democrats. The state added a new location after the 2020 census.

As the midterm election season begins in earnest in May, Florida was one of the last states to complete the redefinition. Reducing the electoral chances for black politicians follows a reform that has not increased the minority seats despite gaining a larger population of Latin and black voters compared to white voters over the past decade.

The new map that Desantis is expected to sign is the result of a confrontation between the governor and members of his own party, who were working on a two-party map that would not have dramatically changed the makeup of congressional representatives.

Florida legislators give DeSantis their power to draw a map of the house

But while the process was underway, Stephen K., an adviser to former President Donald Trump, said he was not aware of the allegations. Under pressure from far-right conservatives, including Bonan, Desantis declared that he wanted a map that would best benefit Republicans, including the destruction of Lawson County. Desantis, Lawson’s District, said Jerrymonder was an illegal race drawn up to consider race over any other factor. Democrats say that leaving the seat would violate the law against reducing the voting power of blacks.

In early March, the state legislature passed two blueprints, which they hoped would pacify the bipartisanship the Senate had previously tabled and the other one, which narrowed Lawson’s district, but did not completely destroy it. Desantis vetoed them and instructed the legislature to return this week to a special session to try again. Before they returned, the Republican leadership announced that they were not going to create new taxes and were waiting for the governor’s guidance.

On April 21, the Florida House of Representatives called for a surprise recess after several black delegates protested the reshuffle. (Video: Florida Channel)

The surrender was a sign of respect for Desantis from the state Republicans. His victory won the support of the National Republicans and the “Make America Great Again” platform, which prompted him to take a strong stand on the redefinition. If the Republicans win the U.S. House in a few places, Desantis, who oversees the running of the White House in 2024, can take pride in it.

“Once again, Desantis is showing Florida voters that he is a dictator,” Lawson said in a statement. “Desantis bullied the Florida Legislature into approving his Republican Congress map during the special session. It is worrying that state legislators can not fulfill their constitutional duties without political intervention.

Other black Democrats retaliated against Desantis. “The governor interfered in this process. It is wrong. We have divided power in this country for a reason,” state representative Fendris Triskell told reporters. “You’ve only come here with a politically ambitious governor who wants to run for the presidency of the United States.”

Democrats plan to sue the state over the map, which could file several lawsuits in state and federal courts.

Adrian Blanco and Lori Rossa contributed to this report.