November 29, 2022

Biden told of a ‘tough year’ during a tour of the Cherry Farm in Antrim County

Travers City – President Joe Biden learned Saturday that many Michigan cherry growers are having a harsh season due to turbulent weather after visiting a cherry farm in Andrem County.

King Orchard co-owner John King’s daughter Juliet King McAvoy Biden, government Gretchen Whitmer and Democrat U.S. Sense told. Dean Stefano of Lansing and Gary Peters of Bloomfield Township about the drought and recent heavy rains that damaged the Chen crop.

At one point, Biden asked about the differences between the two types of cherry trees in the orchard.

King Macaulay told him that the trees were usually “full of fruit,” but some branches came down.

“It’s been a tough year,” he said, adding that farmers don’t really know how to deal with turbulent weather.

Michigan’s sour cherry crop for this season is estimated at .6 65.6 million, down 5% from 69 69.3 million harvested in 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But the two years marked a two-thirds drop from the 201 million pounds harvested in 2018 and a significant but significant decline from 170 pounds in 2019.

Michigan dominates the production of sour cherries.

A day-long polar tub in May froze the buds and prevented the bees from pollinating, leading to the state’s hot April catastrophic early blooms. The biggest hit of sour cherries. Nicki Rothwell, coordinator of the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center, about 10 miles north of Travers City on the Lilan Peninsula, says they have already dropped by two-thirds.