December 6, 2022

Biden talks about 6-point plan to combat delta diversity as poll numbers fall

President Biden On Thursday he will address the Americans on the next steps to combat him and his administration Corona virus, The worst epidemic in the world in a century.

The president’s speech is expected to outline a six-pronged strategy, which comes amid an increase in Govt-19 cases this summer, which spread across the United States due to a rapidly spreading delta variation.

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According to Biden, his administration is pushing more Americans to be vaccinated against the virus, which will increase the pressure on children under the age of 12 to be vaccinated following the outbreak in schools. The United States has recorded about 650,000 Govt-19 deaths since the beginning of last year, topping the country with 40 million corona virus cases last week. The United States leads the world in both COVID-19 cases and deaths.

“On Thursday the president will talk with the American people about his strong plan to prevent the spread of the delta variation and increase vaccinations. As the president has said from day 1, his administration will pull every lever to control the epidemic,” a White House official said Tuesday. On Thursday, the president will present a six-point strategy for working in the public and private sectors.

President Biden delivers comments on COVID vaccines in the Southern Court Auditorium at the White House on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 in Washington.
(AB Photo / Evan Woozy)

White House press secretary Jen Saki told reporters in Air Force One on Tuesday that more details about the project were coming up. When asked about further orders from the administration, Zaki acknowledged that the federal government cannot order Americans to take the Govit-19 vaccine.

But he added, “We must continue to take more steps to ensure that school districts are prepared and that communities across the country are prepared.”

Biden’s Approved Ratings Exit Afghanistan, Govt

The president’s Govt – 19 address also affects Biden’s position among Americans, partly because of his handling of the U.S. withdrawal and exit from Afghanistan last month, as well as his fight against the corona virus.

Biden’s approval rating was in the late mid – 50s after taking office in late January. But his numbers began to decline as the crisis in Afghanistan dominated the media last month and mask orders began to return to specific locations across the country as corona virus cases increased. According to an average of recent polls compiled by RealClearPolitics and the poll and analysis website FiveTirthTide, the president’s approval ratings are now underwater.

The corona virus was one of the main issues that pushed Pita to the presidency last year. Biden promised that then-President Trump would do what he could not do — to bring the Govt-19 cases under control, restore normalcy to Americans and boost the economy that had been hit hard by the epidemic.

But the late summer upsurge due to delta variation is another hobby of the president. Python’s approval rating for dealing with the corona virus ABC News / Washington Post Poll Held August 29-September. 1 52% -41%. But the president’s approval to fight Govt-19 has fallen 10 points since June, with Biden at 62% -31%.

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“The stakes that led President Biden to his Thursday Govt speech are enormous,” senior political scientist Wayne Lesperson told Fox News.

“In the midst of bad news and delta diversity cases around Afghanistan, the president returns to an issue that helped him in the 2020 election: Govt-19. We need to see how Americans will accept him back into the well. But, when school students return to classes, there is no doubt about true leadership,” New Lespers, vice president of academic affairs at the College of England, noted.