February 4, 2023

Biden, Ji talks that the US is threatening action if China supports Russia in the Ukraine war

Washington: President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held consultations on Friday amid growing hostility to Ukraine, and the United States says Beijing, along with other leading nations, has failed to condemn the attack. Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine.

During the nearly two-hour video conference, Mr. Shi tried to present China as a peaceful country. “The crisis in Ukraine is something we do not want to see,” he said. China’s official Xinhua news agency said. “Conflict and conflict are not in anyone’s interest.”

Mr. Biden, for his part, was expected Threatening consequences To China Providing military or economic assistance To Russia, US officials said before the call.

Ukraine – and Mr. Xi’s close partnership With the President of Russia

Vladimir Putin

Friction has been added to the US-China relationship, which is already controversial and distrustful on both sides. Have hardened their rhetoric In recent weeks.

“The claim that China is on the wrong side of history is exaggerated. The United States is on the wrong side of history, ”Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Xunying tweeted Friday morning, accusing the United States of inciting Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have become close acquaintances over the past decade, frying with vodka and exchanging friendly medals. China can help, but only to a limited extent, as the West bans Russia from its aggression against Ukraine. Photo Description: Sharon Shi

His influence in Beijing was Mr. The United States has said it wants to use Putin to end the war. However, according to foreign policy experts close to the Chinese government, Mr. Xi sought to portray China as a neutral party to the conflict and could facilitate negotiations to end it.

In an official statement issued shortly after the meeting, Mr Biden called on China to work with China to “not only lead the development of Sino-US relations on the right track, but also to accept and fulfill our relevant international responsibilities. Efforts for world peace.”

After being caught up in the early days of Russia’s offensive, foreign policy experts close to the Chinese government, Beijing has now settled on a clear strategy: it will not oppose Russia, it will support Ukraine — what is described as “benevolent neutrality” in China.

Measured position, mr. Shi reflects his strategic focus Creating a common cause with Russia It seeks to present China as a more responsible world leader, while undermining the US-led West.

However, without further action, international analysts say, Beijing’s position is unlikely to satisfy the Biden administration, and could prevent a collapse in Sino-US relations.

“The Biden-Xi call could be a key point in US-China relations,” said Neil Thomas, analyst at Eurasia Group, a political-risk advisory firm. He said that if the two sides found a common ground in Ukraine, it could stabilize tensions.

“But if nothing is received from Biden Ji, or if there are diplomatic fireworks, this call will mark a new downturn in modern US-China relations,” he said. Thomas said.

Beijing has so far refused to criticize Russia or refer to its actions in Ukraine as an invasion, expressing sympathy for the security concerns cited by Moscow as one of the reasons for the military attack. China seems to be co-opting with Russia that what the US is saying is misinformation, and Chinese Foreign Ministry officials are exaggerating Russia’s claims as US. Supports biological weapons research In Ukraine. Moreover, China has criticized the harsh sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies against Russia.

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China has denied US claims that Russia has sought its help, either through the supply of military equipment or economic aid. The White House declined to comment on the allegations or what China would do if it aided Moscow.

Mr. C expected to be guaranteed Biden administration continued arms sales to Taiwan and sent a delegation there Russia launches invasion of Ukraine.

As part of the sparring around Taiwan, a Chinese aircraft carrier and a US naval submarine sailed through the Taiwan Strait in separate, sensitive maneuvers on Thursday and Friday.

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