February 4, 2023

Benz rejects NCAA victory over transgender swimmer Leah Thomas, Emma Wyand wins

  • Former Vice President Pence said Emma Wyand was the real winner of the NCAA Swimming Championships.
  • In his comments, Pence denied that trans swimmer Leah Thomas had won first place in the competition.
  • In recent years, conservatives have made accusations against trance athletes who compete in sports in schools.

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday rejected the NCAA Division I Championship victory of transgender swimmer Leah Thomas, declaring the winner to be Emma Wyand of the University of Virginia.

Speaking at the University of Virginia During an event Benz joins Wyand, runner-up in the Thomas 500-Yard Freestyle Women’s Race at the University of Pennsylvania, run by the Young America Foundation. The result of the competition has become celebratory among conservatives who strongly oppose transgender athletes participating in sports for their schools.

When one student in the audience lamented that the university’s “special tradition” had recently been “elevated by the awakened left”, Wyandet was asked what the student would say to Pence when he was “robbed of a medal”.

“Thank you so much for that thoughtful question. Emma Wyand won that race,” Pence said.

He continued: “In his State of the Union address, I know the President [Joe] Biden promised to stand up for the God-given right of men to compete in women’s sports.

Since taking office, Biden has advocated for the rights of LGBTQ Americans Approved Last month was Transgender Vision Day.

Laughter erupted among the audience after Benz’s statement.

“Common sense must rule, it will rule. Women’s sport is a path to achievement and excellence,” the former vice president said.

She added: “I expect there to be some great female athletes in the room today – perhaps some are watching. And we must protect the integrity of women’s sports in the United States for the benefit of women everywhere.”

Pence’s comments reflect the opinion of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis – who is set to run for re – election this fall and is the most recognizable of the 2024 Republican presidential candidates.

Desantis last month Denied Confirming Thomas’ victory, he issued a statement declaring Wyon of Florida the real winner.

“My commitment is that men should not compete against women like Emma Wyand and that women and girls should not be robbed of achievements, awards and scholarships.” He wroteHe calls Thomas “the man who identifies as a woman.”

Former President Donald Trump has provoked Republican anger in recent days, arguing that conservative issues will gain prominence in congressional GOP regulation in 2023, leading to a potential rivalry between the former president and Biden.

“We will not allow men to participate in women’s sports,” Trump said Said During a Saturday rally in North Carolina, it turned into a rally for his supporters in recent months.

Pence is also said to be considering his own 2024 presidential initiativeThis would put him on a direct path against his former boss – and possibly Desantis.