November 29, 2022

Benjamin Klin sentenced to six weeks in prison in Singapore for failing to wear a helmet

Benjamin Clin, 40, was convicted on four counts of failing to wear a mask on a train in May and later appearing in court in July for using public harassment and threatening words to public servants.

Clin was previously subjected to a judge-ordered mental assessment as a result of his conduct and comments in court.

On Wednesday he asked the court to drop what he called “illegal charges” and return his passport so he could return to the UK with his family, CNA media reported.

It quoted the judge as telling Clin that he was “completely misled” in the belief that wearing masks was exempt from Singaporean law.

Clin represented himself in court and did not respond to Reuters calls and text messages on his phone Wednesday.

The Asian Business Center is notorious for enforcing strict rules and imposing imprisonment and fines on others for violating the Govt-19 rules. Some foreigners had their work permits revoked for violations.

The city-state is in control of its corona virus outbreaks due to its strict enforcement or measures.

In February, a Singapore court sentenced a British man to two weeks in prison Snuck out of his hotel room Meet his fiance while in isolation.